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Great post, I am big fan of Valleyvet

Darcy Fransens

I have three pairs of Ariat boots. Each of them has a place in my regular routine. I have one pair for showing, one pair for riding and one pair for hanging out and attending horse events. My fat baby's have the snake skin pattern and always get compliments. Even at the grocery store some random guy came up and complimented me on my "cool boots." My brown Show boots are so comfortable. I can wear them all day for all my western events. My riding boots last me all day trailriding and I even wear them with my shorts at the end of the day especially when we camp.

Eleanor Heidbrink

I wear my boots to the stable to ride in.


When the sun is up, or the sun is down. Whether I'm home or going to town. Whether I'm riding or hanging around the house. They are the most comfortable and sensible shoes I own! :)

Lawrance Westfall

Everywhere but the bedroom....

Lynn Umberger

I love wearing my boots everywhere!! I like wearing them with shorts when riding my horses in the summer! I have some cool ariats with flames on the toe that I love wearing out and they get a lot of compliments!!

Michelle Porch

Favorite place.. no doubt when I am riding and barrel racing It just makes life happier. Also like wearing them when I go out..but mine are using boots and they are diffently used. Always say I'll keep a pair for go to town boots but never can I just enjoy wearing them too much.

Laura Schoeller

To the barn, to the mall, to dinner or to the movies. I love to wear my ariats for every occasion! I even wore a pair of my ariats to run a 5k race while staying with a friend out of town. When I didn't have my running shoes, I grabbed my ariats!

Cynthia Williams

I wear my boots everywhere I go. Never know when you may need them so you have to be prepared! I never get on my horse without them. Ariats seem to fit my foot better than any other brand boot.

Kirstan Condit

My boots are made for walkin' and walkin' is what I do at a horse show. Horse Show Mom

Nancy Johnson

Question should be,, where do I NOT wear my boots? I have worn my Ariat's so much they are about worn out.. and need another pair. I help run SpiritHorse Liberty (facebook) a therapeutic riding center for special needs children and adults...and the kids would LOVE to see them on me.. and not to mention ME. I wear them with shorts, skirts, blue jeans,, to grocery store and a friend of mine even took a SURPRISE PIC of me in the produce section wearing them with shorts after lessons.. hahaha

Kelly Lowry

Outside of the barn, my favorite place is at corporate events and trade shows. Nothing is more comfy for my feet when standing all day *and* they generate great comments (especially from the envious)!

Mary Ann Massey

I wear my boots to church, work, the barn, the grocery store, concerts, etc. Basically everywhere I go. I have not owned another brand other than Ariat for the last 22 years!

diana hoppe

My fave place to wear my boots?... is everywhere and anywhere ...They are part of my "cowgirl Uniform" ..I love Ariats comfy and..stylish!!!

Jo Ann C. Greene

Anywhere, everywhere, and all the time!!! Love my Ariats.

Lisa Schotte

Georgia Piilola

Hi, Did anyone win the Ariat boot giveaway?? I keep looking on this site. I don't win anything, but can't blame a cowgirl for trying. One that has been a cowgirl for all her life. Only thing now, is that I can be extra comfortable when I wear my Ariats no matter what I am doing.

Marsha Cale

My Most favorite place besides riding is of course to bed!!!!


Wherever I go, go my Ariats boots, shoes and or sandals. There is nothing more comfortable, durable or wonderful to wear. My Ariat wardrobe cover most all my shoe needs from English, western, trail, and social. For the last 12 hrs I've been a dedicated fan and log them wherever my travels take me.


I love wearing my boots everywhere I go. To the movies, out to dinner, riding, shopping and just about anywhere.

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