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I enjoy my boots most when working with my horses.

April Salyers

I wear my boots for walking.....


I love to wear my boots everywhere!! :) its sexier to wear boots in a longerie rather than high heels :))

lyn story

I wear my boots at two different times
when I'm with someone
or when I'm alone

lyn story

I just found another reason to get more ariat boots. I would feel and look good on my horse & my motorcycle in these.

lyn story

I put my ariat boots on before I would put sneakers on because they like slippers.
I have a an old pair from mucking a newer pair for riding a nice pair for going out to eat. I now need a fancy pair so people would ask me what kind of boots are those.

Pat Whatley

I wear my boots everywhere. I love my ariats.
I need a new pair.


I love my boots wear them everywhere..

Kim Vial

I am another one that wears my boots everywhere but my favorite place to wear them is at a horse show. Love, love to wear my boots at a horse show!

Connie G Williams

I wear my Ariat Boots everywhere. However, my favorite place to wear them is when I am riding my horse Petey. This is saying alot because my Petey is my heart. This being the case I only wear the best for riding him. We have several different riding looks and a different pair of Ariats for each.

Haleigh Paulsen

I wear my boots everywhere! Specialy at horse show and work.

Georgette Sharp

I wear my boots every morning and evening when I go out to feed because they keep my feet from getting dirty in this dought stricken part of Texas where the ground in my pasture is like fine powder. They hold up to the dust but it has given them a special character.

Susan Pick

I wear my boots as often as possible!

Tamara Fanello

Everywhere...even to bed.


I wear my boots to the barn everyday, also showing, and when I am judging. Ariat is the only boot for me. My western lace ups or my field boots.

Sharon Martin

I wear my boots everyday pretty much, at work, out on the town, barrel racing or just a long lazy sunday evenin trail ride. I will say Im too busy to Tweet, cant really get into the whole tweeting thing, can I still enter? (pretty please?)

Kara Stoll

My favorite place to wear my boots is everywhere I go!! And all day long!! They are the best in footwear.

rick lacy

I most often wear them when I'm preaching

David Brown

Everywhere, but bed.


I love to wear my boots when I work. I am a therapeutic riding instructor. The kids like to see the"pretty colors"

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