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I wear mine everywhere. Until they have holes in the soles! This October I plan on wearing them in my sister's wedding, I am a bridesmaid :D

jeannie wilson

I wear my boots anywhere and everywhere that I can!

Laura Ramirez

These boots are so cool! Every place would be my favorite place to wear these Ariat boots!!

Nancy LeNau

I waer mine for riding. Really warm in the Winter !.PERIOD !

Connie Waggener

Where is my favorite place to wear my boots? Anywhere and everywhere! I LOVE my Ariats!!!

Sandra Bauer

Where don't I wear my boots? Riding, shopping, dancing, movies, out to dinner, my daughter's high school events and especially riding and showing my horse. I have two pairs for western shows, one pair for everyday riding and my English boots are Ariats. I'm a fan for life! Thanks for making such comfortable, stylish and practical! What more could a girl want?

Heather Klausen

My favorite place to wear my Ariat boots is on my feet! :) I wear my Ariat boots most every day...and when I'm not in my boots I'm wearing my Ariat Terrain shoes...or my Ariat flip flops...take your pick...wether its to work, play, casual, dress...I LOVE ALL MY ARIATS! I have worn different brands but the Ariats are the most comfortable shoe I have ever found. LOVE THEM FOR EVERYTHING!


I love to wear my boots to work.


Anytime I'm around my horses!


Love to wear my boots for everything from grocery shopping to barn work and riding. My feet are always comfortable no matter the weather. Ariats are very stylish and comfortable everyone should have a pair.

J Barwick

My favorite place to wear my Ariat's is everywhere!! You won't find me riding or competing without them. I love working outside in them, running errands in them, etc. They are so comfortable, supportive, easy to clean & long lasting. I've had several pairs of the lace-ups over the years & drool everytime I see the pull-ons in the stores or catalogues. The styles are amazing!!! Tres Chic!!

Patricia Lacy-Burks

I love my boots so much that I wear them year round. I trail ride and most riders wear their old beat up looking boots when they ride their horses. Not me, my boots are made for walking, riding horses, at the dance after the ride and then to work during the week. I look good in my boots, and my boots look good on me so I strut! Oh, to date I have six pair of Ariat boots that's part of that strut!!!!

christina m bennett

I love wearing my ariat boots to the barn and when i ride i also wear my boots when ever we do a seizure of horses i run a horse rescue so i have them on alot. These poots have been all over ohio and still wearing them and getting pretty thin from where we are working on several horse cases through out ohio

Cheri Brown

My Ariats are so comfortable that I wear them to the airport and while flying. They are easy to get off and on to go through security. I get lots of comments as to ho gorgeous they are. When I get to my destination, I am ready for any weather and any situation.

Dale DeWitt


Amy Finney

I wear my boats to ride in and about everywhere else, too!!!

Debbie Lucenti-Adkins

I love my boots. I wear them everyday to the barn & too the horse shows.

Carol Callahan

I wear my Ariat Boots nearly everywhere, but my most favorite place to wear them is to school where I teach third grade, on dress down Fridays. You should see the looks of delight on the faces of those little children when they look to see what I'm wearing THIS Friday! I think it gives them special pride and maybe a touch of possessiveness when they say "This cool lady is MY teacher!".

Suzette Martin

I love to wear a comfy pair of western boots while working outside with my goats and horses, which is almost every day! Appreciate the opportunity to win a new pair! I couldn't wear my present ones anywhere "nice!"

Anna Cipar

I wear my boots until.. well, until they are worn in, then worn out! They go everywhere with me. I work with horses everyday and they are so comfortable they rarely come off my feet :)

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