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I enjoy my boots most when working with my horses.

April Salyers

I wear my boots for walking.....


I love to wear my boots everywhere!! :) its sexier to wear boots in a longerie rather than high heels :))

lyn story

I wear my boots at two different times
when I'm with someone
or when I'm alone

lyn story

I just found another reason to get more ariat boots. I would feel and look good on my horse & my motorcycle in these.

lyn story

I put my ariat boots on before I would put sneakers on because they like slippers.
I have a an old pair from mucking a newer pair for riding a nice pair for going out to eat. I now need a fancy pair so people would ask me what kind of boots are those.

Pat Whatley

I wear my boots everywhere. I love my ariats.
I need a new pair.


I love my boots wear them everywhere..

Kim Vial

I am another one that wears my boots everywhere but my favorite place to wear them is at a horse show. Love, love to wear my boots at a horse show!

Connie G Williams

I wear my Ariat Boots everywhere. However, my favorite place to wear them is when I am riding my horse Petey. This is saying alot because my Petey is my heart. This being the case I only wear the best for riding him. We have several different riding looks and a different pair of Ariats for each.

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