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Kimberly from Oregon

As a kid I never wore a helmet, like the many before me got knocked around a bit but more or less really wasn't concerned. I then had kids, watched a crazy good helmet video (every time, every ride) and now I always wear one! My daughter always wears one and so does my husband! There are still some of those people out there who don't wear helmets and some even makes comments from time to time. Our family just responds with a certainty that if you don't wear a helmet your the weird one! ha ha. Since my daughter started Eventing/Cross country jumping. she had a fall that scared me to death. From way out in the field I saw her be thrown over her horses head like a rag doll and land on a jump/log and her helmet broke in two pieces! Right then I knew I made the right decision to wear helmets. She walked away with some bumps and bruises and I went straight to the store and bought another helmet! She was on a well trained horse skilled rider herself. You just don't know what can and probably will happen even if you are just trail riding. Horses spook. Even the dead head ones! WEAR A HELMET!

Heidi Gomez

I have never worn a helmet, although now it seems I should. It gets so hot here in the desert I can't imagine wearing one. I always make my 11 year-old wear one, though, and he gets SO hot. If I was jumping or something like that I would want to wear one.

Helen Jones

Recently I was at a clinic with my husband. He was about to get on without his helmet. I said "where's your helmet?." He kind of rolled his eyes at the nagging wife, but went and put his helmet on. This was a western clinic, with obstacles, only 1 other person besides hubby and I was wearing a helmet. Anyway, hubby's horse spooked, he came off, and his head landed right on a 6x6. Broke the strap attachment, dented the helmet, but other than some dizziness for awhile, my husband was ok. I hate to think of what would happened to him if he hadn't had his helmet on. It can happen anytime, to anyone, no matter what the discipline or level of experience. I don't particular care for how helmet feel - hats are much more comfy and cool, but I do care very much for my head, and the heads of those I love!

Debbie from NY

I was one of those kids who never wore a helmet, got dumped by my pony many, many times. Now, I never ride without one. When I got back into horses 16 years ago, I promised my husband I would never ride without one. better he find me somewhere on the farm with a broken bone rather than with a skull full of Jell-O. Since then, I have taken a few falls, and I figure my helmets have saved my life twice. YES - I preach it. I do not want any of my friends to live life in a vegetative state, nor do I want their families to endure heartache and financial ruin paying for medical bills.


I have ridden all my life, took my share of bumps and dumps. I was a holdout. (A little more info,,, I work in EMS and should have thought more about it). Wasnt till I was riding with a friend and her teenage daughter last christmas and they were both wearing helmets. Daughter was thrown and I watched her head bounce. on the ground( she is ok). I finally had an AHha moment. I now fide religiously with my helmet and any one who rides my horses does too. I dont preach helmets but if asked I will voice my opinion.

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