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I have a buckling going on 4 months old. He has a runny nose, green mucous from both eyes and coughs frequently. Because he is the smallest in the buck pen he eats the fallen hay from the ground but not always. I thought he may be getting some irritation from eating from the ground most of the time. I don't hear raspy noises from his chest, but I know he is congested up above. Nothing has improved so I started him on VetRX for goats. Any thoughts out there?


Do you use copasure and dectamax at the same time


Which size gelatin capsule works best with the small balling gun?

Lori Hill

Nikki, The end of the balling gun needs to go to the back of the tongue, past the back teeth. It would be difficult to get the gun in much further, so it's easier than it sounds. You'll know if you haven't gone far enough because they'll either spit out or chew up the bolus. We usually dip the balling gun into water each time. Seems easier for them to swallow the bolus this way. We use an injectable wormer as needed, probably every 3 months. We watch the eye membrane color for signs of anemia.


I have a question when using the small balling gun, how far down do you have to push the balling gun to get the pill in them? We have a lot of iron in our water and our goats cant get the copper they need so we are going to use the Copasure bolus. But not sure how to use the balling gun( or how far to push it down them). We now orally worm every three months. How often do you give the injectable?

Lori Hill


If their eye membranes are pink, you most likely don't have a problem with worms at the moment. That's good news! Like you, I've also found that different goats adapt differently to the same environment. They're a lot like horses....some are "easy keepers" and some aren't. You might find that some need to be dewormed and/or have their diet supplemented more than others. It sounds like you're on the right track!


Another update...

I nearly finished off the farnam weight builder that I was giving in combination with the calf mana and pellets. My gal whose been here the longest thus far and is also the healthiest put on a good about of weight, though she wasn't missing much. It's amazing how easily she put it on and keeps it on all while being pregnant! My Saanen gal who was the reason for contacting in the first place has put on a good amount of weight as well and despite kidding a couple weeks ago (gorgeous white blue eyed baby girl!) not to mention she's a heavy producer and making over a gallon a day (I put the babies up and milk in the morning) plus ALL the babies (6) keep trying to get milk off her each chance they get, she's maintained the weight. She hasn't put on any more weight though so I'm not sure what else to give her to keep her gaining during lactation.... As for her coat it didn't do much till a week and a half ago when I gave her some cod liver oil in her feed, in a few days she seemed to have better looking skin and had more fur beginning to come in all over. Seeing the improvement, I gave her another dose after 3 days and again saw more improvement in skin and coat so now I'm planning to give it every few days. Her baby is growing like a weed as are the other babies (she even took in one of the triplets that Ginger had but refused to nurse) her little one is named Melody and is crossed with a nigerian dwarf so she's built stockier than the other dairy babes.

If goats are still having an issue with worms, wouldn't it stand to reason that those still are not sufficient in copper? Or is it that a goat needs to adjust to become accustomed to the worms on different properties, sorta like people with allergies when they go to a new place?

I don't think mine are dealing with worms necessarily since they are all red in the eyelids but I can't help but wonder what the difference is between my togg gal whose been here 1.5 years and my saanen gal whose been here nearly a year and not holding or putting on weight as well as the togg. I mean, I stopped giving my togg gal the feed since she'd gained again and hasn't lost a drop since stopping a couple weeks ago. She does well on browse so I choose not to supplement her with feed cause I want a herd of goats that aren't grain dependent.

Shelly Johnson

What is the milk withdrawal time with the dectomax


So Lori, it's now been 16 days and I wanted to report back again to let ya know that my girl is really putting on weight now, she's still bony, but got some "meat" along her backbone now and it's starting to cover her bony hips, her ribs are also feeling more "meaty". She lost the fur all up her snout and it was bare, now there is peach fuzz growing over it, not all but about half so far, her fur is looking better too, I think she's got peach fuzz going under the coarse coat now since I can't see her skin as well now. Her udder has filled out more too so it looks like she'll probably kid within the next week or so and I'm hoping she gets more weight on before that and keeps putting it on after the baby is born. If she keeps gaining at this rate I expect her to look like a brand new goat in another month or so. My other goats who were thinner have also put the weight back on, a couple still needing more which I'm thinking is because they are also pregnant.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share, I'm so glad She is doing so well and the others are looking and feeling great, I appreciate your help and encouragement and will update again soon.


Lori Hill


Sounds like you're making good progress! You can feed each goat up to 1/2 lb of Calf Manna per day, which is quite a bit of volume. It would be great if you could split off those that need it most and make sure they get their fair share in a second feeding. They'll be happy! My goats love the Calf Manna pellets.

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