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Well I would love to win anew blanket, and I'd be very greatful, because my horse is out all the time and could do with an extra layer on, last winter my horse ripped her rug, and she looks cold, but as I'm only young I can't keep affording to buy a new blanket/rug all the time, so like I said I would be very greatful, thanks :)


Why I need a new blanket:
My horse got his blanket caught on a nail and then the cheap thing ripped and made a giant hole, so now it's got hot pink duct tape all over it and his pasture buddy is scarred of the brightness of the tape :(

I look for quality(which clearly I didn't do a very good job of, but I bought it off of a friend so the cheap price went with the cheap quality), price(high school student who can barely afford her horse needs to be aware of prces), and of course the color! Which by the way I LOVE the zebra print blanket in the picture :D

dawn bernau

My mare Annie is in need of a winter blanket. She was new to our farm 2 years ago and is quite smaller then everyone else. Non of the other blanlets fit her. I think her big personality deserves a blanket to match. I look gor a blanket that is free moving and durable and water prof. Also one that has plenty of stye.

Brittany Ragsdale

My horse really needs a new blanket because he is 15 years old and has had a really rough life, and after 15 years of it Im trying to make sure that the rest of his life is the best that I can make it for him. He started out on the race track where he had quite a few wins, but with wins comes battle scars and all sorts of injuries. They would just bute him up and send him back out there. He is all heart and tries to please everyone that he is around. He kept running for them but his injuries kept getting worse and worse. So when I finally found him he had a pulled tendon, wind puffs, and to many other injuries to mention. With the costs of hay this year it has been really hard on my family to come out the extra to go and buy a new blanket for him, even though I know he really needs one. He is getting to where he is really hard to keep weight on and the weather is being really hard on him already. He really really needs this after what all he has been through hopefully together we can have one last win on this blanket.


My mare Fame needs a new blanket... She lives pretty much outside all winter.. My husband is in the Army and the cost of boarding is very expensive and the hay prices have gone up so much.. So I really can't afford to buy her a new one..I have to always put a couple on her to keep her warm and dry.. But through the years they have gotten pretty torn up... She really deserves a new one instead of so many hand me downs...


Who was the winner of this contest

Sue H.

I have a lovely old standarbred broodmare who after years of racing is arthritic in her stifles and tough to keep weight on. She loves to be out with her friends no matter what the nasty upstate NY weather! She needs a warm turnout to stay warm and so she doesn't burn any more calories staying warm than necessary! :)

Deby Hackney

I would love a new blanket for the horse I am fostering. Cowboy came to our local horse rescue just over a year ago. He was a show horse from a baby and was horribly abused. His tongue almost cut in half from a chain being put in his mouth! The rescue could not adopt him because of his aggression towards people and was going to euthanize him. I stepped in and offered to foster. Cowboy is now a pretty happy boy, loves to be in the pasture so a nice blanket would be awesome! I look for a blanket that is sturdy, nylon lined and waterproof. Lots of room in the shoulders and good straps!

Judy Wagner

I love my horse more than anything in the world and a blanket would keep him so very warm on our cold, cold days and nights and would forever be appreciated.

Marla Morris

We are actually in need of several blankets but my submission will be for the horse in our herd with the greatest need since the contest is for only one blanket. This spring, we lost our home to a tornado and along with the home, was the building housing our horse supplies. Mama JB turned 29 this past spring and she has not aged gracefully. She came into our lives through a private adoption and soon after, we learned that she is deaf and as she ages her vision is slowly going as well. She is a little senile but I certainly love her to peices. She needs a blanket more than any of the private rescues and adopted horses in our herd. She doesn't handle winter well and I would like to keep her around as long as I can since she makes every day a little brighter in my life.

mark waters

i recentlly purchased a 19 year old mare from a killer pen of horses, turns out this mare is registered and i purchased her from the horse trader and brought her home, i have had her now for about 45 days in this time with my feeding program that i use i have put right at 300 lbs on this horse, my grandaughter has named her RED HEART and has become her horse, i need to find away to keep her warm this winter and these blankets would be perfect.

Melinda Sprinkle

We have had a tough year at the farm. Over $15,000 in vet bills, tractor repairs and a horrible pasture due to the weather. I recently worked overtime to earn the money to redo the stall floors because after all. We do this because we love the horses and want them to be happy and compfy. My first mare, "Ruthy", never grew a nice winter coat so she has always required a blanket which helps her to keep her wieght. Like the vet said "We are do for some good luck". Thanks and good luck to all the horse lovers everywhere!


I have 3 horses and two blankets. One is a 28 year old gelding whose blanket is starting to fall apart. we dont have a barn so he really benefits from a blanket. its not terribly cold but we do get the occational winter snow. he's been a part of the family since he was born and has been through a lot. almost had to be put down due to founder. but came out of it after a year of vet bills and doctoring. i need a good sturdy blanket for my babies thats waterproof. And i LOVE Giraffe print!!! Thanks.


I look for durability, fit and ease of putting the blanket on. My 31 year old gelding (I have owned him since he was born) just started wearing a blanket last winter and it really helped him stay in good weight through the snow and freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, he is low horse in the pecking order and gets chunks of his hide taken out by the other horses. We cannot separate him because we only have one turnout area and he needs to be out all day to keep limber. A fall and spring weight blanket would protect his hide when the winter weight blanket is too heavy.

Ruth McFarland

My Lady needs a new blanket as she is 33 years old and wants to be fashionable for the young stallions across the road. She may be old(er), but she can still strut and flirt better than any filly! Her old blanket just doesn't do it anymore. After surviving EPM and a nail puncture to her hoof that crippled her for six months she needs something to make her feel as special as she is.

Greys N Horses

My horses(s) need a new blanket because: I have several rescue horses on the farm, ottb mostly and one who suffered broken withers when he came. He had no name, nobody loved him and severe case of rain rot. I treated his pain, he has healed and his name is Zoo. HIs rain rot I have to continue to treat. He is trusting me and calming down. A sweet boy who needed a nice hand and chance and now a blanket! It was 37 degrees the other night and his winter coat has not come in. I had an old cooler I threw on him, but that will not be appropriate for all winter. He needs the blanket for warmth and to keep the rain rot at bay. What I look for when purchasing a blanket is the weight, needs to be appropriate for my climate. I also look at the construction, leg arches, fleece at withers, denier strength and value. Oh yes, and it has to be cute! We like our horses to look cute, not like orphans. Zoo could really use this help, I hope he wins because there is no more money in the budget for additional tack/apparel this year.

Amber Williams

My horse has spent all summer growning, and is pregnant, she needs a new blanket to keep not only her but her baby belly warm all winter in Michigan snow. Quality, warmth and durability are requirements in a blanket for our horses.

Deborah Middledorf

My horse, Cody, is a senior citizen. He is 29 years old. He tells me he is growing more and more frustrated with kids these days. He said they walk around with their fancy blankets that hang way too low and show off too much fur. He always talks about when he was their age when horses wore blankets that fit properly and didn't make horses look like hooligans. I think a big part of his problem is that he secretly wants one of those fancy blankets for himself. He's needed one since he lost his to an ex-girlfriend who took off with his blankets, furniture, and CD collection when they broke up. He hasn't been the same since. He recently had to give up golfing because he's lost too much weight since the cold set in. He could really use a new blanket as Upper Michigan winters are very long and tough. Thanks for the consideration.

Marcelle Himanka

Last winter my horse Demah ripped a NEW tear in his blanket EVERY DAY. I would take the blanket in and repair it best as I could and try to fix the fence where I thought he may have snagged it. By the end of the cold season his blanket was more of a crazy quilt than a horse blanket! HELP, he needs a new on this year!

Morgan Wallace

Lucky, is the best horse anyone could ask for! He is a 28 year old appaloosa guilding with a big heart. He has taught me all I know about riding by showing a beginner rider like me what it is like to ride a horse with so much experence. He has not only helped teach me but TONS of others as well. Through 4-H he has brought many beginner riders through the 4-H horse program levels. And although he has done all of this in his short 28 years, his biggest achevement was being the loving companion to a boy with mental disabilities. Together they overcame many obsticles and grew together. When the boy passed away Lucky's legacy remained strong. Ask anyone and they would tell you how deeply affected Lucky was at the sight of losing his loving owner.

Shortly after, Lucky went through a bad bout of colic. He was rushed to a vet to undergo colic surgery. In later years Lucky went through yet another health issue, this time with his eye. It wasn't receiving enough blood to make it work correctly and to fix it doctors brought down a blood vessel to make it all better. Now, as we all do at old age he is losing his sight. Sometimes it is hard for him to see but it doesn't effect him. Lucky has gone through a lot but he is still a fantastic horse.

Lucky is in need of a new blanket because he barely grows a coat! You will often see him outside shivering because it is so cold. His blanket is so beat up and old it barely gives off any warmth at all!! What he really needs is a heavy, durable and confortable blanket that he can wear when it is cold outside. I hope you will choose Lucky because he is a great horse and deserves to be warm and toasty in these cold winter months!

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