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My horse Virgil needs a new blanket because he ruined his buddy River's. Virgil is 19 years old, and he loves to play tug-o-blanket. He's a very sweet horse, but he's under the impression that the last horse with a blanket on wins. He almost always wins. However,it does not endear me, or him, to the horse owners at the barn. I wish I could break him of this expensive habit. Right now the best I can do is find a tough blanket for his buddy to wear. If any manufacturer wishes to test the quality of their blankets, they can send samples.

Christine Bitler

Our horse needs a new blanket because Doc our AQHA gelding won"t let Zander, our other AQHA Gelding in the barn when the weather is bad. We both work during the day, so can't always run over and put them in their stalls. We prefer turnout blankets because they are waterproof and breathable.
Also, the blanket you have in the picture would look great on him!

Lisa Gonzalez

Steele would really like a snazzy new blanket and as I've described in my previous post I want the bes for him now that he is away from his previous abusive home.

Lisa Gonzalez

My boy Steele needs a winter blanket because he has come back from the brink of destruction and has a hard time keeping weight on during the winter. He was abused and starved and not let out of a small stall in a Philadelphia barn for several years. The SPCA checked on him periodically only to have the owner meet bare minimum requirements after every warning sitation. Eventually his condition deteriated to the point that they seized him and placed him in a foster barn. That's where I come in. I adopted him and took a few years getting him back to a suitable weight. He is always fed with grain andhay being increased every winter but despite that he still drops weight. He does not grow a thick coat and needs additional help keeping warm. He is super sweet and the love of the barn. I want him to have whatever he needs to live out his remaining years in good health and happiness. I would love to get him a new blanket without rips and wear.

Alexis Northcutt

My horse, Hannah, needs a new winter blanket!
Hannah is a 23 year old grey paint mare and came to me at 6 years old when I was 15. She has literally given me everything I have ever asked for, from showing western, english, showmanship, hunter jumping, cross-country jumping, dressage, and pleasure driving to being my rodeo queen horse and going in parades, roping, working cows, and then foaled out a gorgeous paint filly. Now she has a new mission in life: I have a small, 8 year old 4-H student who is mentally and physically disabled and absolutely loves horses, and is using Hannah as his 4-H project. Hannah has been nothing short of AMAZING with him -- she moves very slowly around him, puts her head down gently to greet him, he can lead her by himself, and in his first horse show, he was able to ride a walk/trot class without a lead line because she was being SUCH a good girl!

However, for him to keep riding through the winter, Hannah needs a winter blanket! I am a graduate student and can't afford to buy her one. For Hannah to have a good blanket that fits her well and keeps her comfortable so she can keep doing her amazing work would be really wonderful!

Raylin Forshey

I have an older, late 20's early 30's, grade mare that I have had taken in for a friend that was going through hard times about 6 years ago. Ginger is very speical to me & my 2 young boys. She is very forgiving to thier mistakes when learning to ride & cares for them while they are on her back or walking with her. Why she is so special? Ginger is totally blind & has been since 1998. During the winter she needs to be blanketed all the time since she does not get a very heavy winter coat. When tempatures are in the 40's she shivers. I feel she deserves herself a new blanket of her very own. Not hand me downs from others.


Need to win a blanket because I am on too tight a budget to buy a new one for my boys! :) PICK ME!!! LOL :)

christine pimer

My horse needs a new blanket because she had a rough springtime with a nasty almost deadly bought of lyme disease. Hops lost a lot of weight/condition and is still struggling to put weight on to get her through the winter comfortably. She has been a family member of mine for quite some time and her and her sister are my first horses, it would mean a lot to see her in this blanket and may even lift her spirits while providing her with comfort and warmth in the coming months. thank you.

Delma Doyal

Ok, very late in the entry as this email went to my delete file. The thing I look for in a horse blanket is how heavy, the size, the straps and lastly the color. Winky is a 36 year old mare that would love to have this blanket as winter approaches she needs warmth and would show it off to her friends as they are much younger and can withstand the weather conditions.

susan pick

I need a new horse blanket for my apha mare because even though i put last year's away somehow the mice found it and now it looks like swiss cheese! My mare never puts on a heavy winter coat and she is alway shivering!

Tammy Rhodes

I have a 24 year old TN walker gelding-He has had the same blanket for 12 years and it has finally seen it's better days. He is the best horse anyone could ask for I love him-he has cataracts very bad and has joint problems, he is retired now and I want to give him as much comfort and love as he has given me-he not only needs a new blanket he deserves one. Love you General <3

Jennifer Good

My horse is aging & with the colder than normal temperatures & higher expected snowfalls predicted this year for the north country my old guy would definitely be more comfortable wearing more than his rain sheet to keep him dry. With the death of his long time buddy this summer he is by himself now & who wants to stand out in a cold blizzard alone? I would sleep better knowing he was more comfortable as well. Thank you for the give-a-way & whoever gets this blanket, I hope their horse is more comfortable this winter. I wish all horses had a winter blanket to keep them warm. Thank you, Jennifer

Bill Miller

I am entering because I was involved with horse rescue in October 2009 of 39 Arabians. I personally adopted 8 Arabians and lived in the city. My wife and I decided to move and after being away from horses for 35 years now I have 8 Arabians on a small place we purchased in Ohio. It has been a struggle and I rescued another Arabian about 2 months ago. I have a 22 year old mare that could use this blanket. She does not grow a heavy winter coat as the others do. I am still working on fences etc. and money is tight. A blanket for her would be a God send. I have nourished them back to good health and have shown a couple of them also. At last at Arabian show my Stallions went Grand and Reserve Champions. The horses have been a blessing to me as I also am on disability and they give me a reason to get up and get out. Good luck to all and thank you for the opportunity to enter. Bill Miller

Tammy Damskov

My daughter's horse is moving with her to an area that has alot of rain. We need to find a good blanket to keep her horse from getting rain rot. The Professional’s Choice Equisential 600 Denier Turnout Blanket would be perfect..not only for practicality, but she decorated her apartment in black & white with red accents (which includes zebra print). perfect for her to decorate her horse the same.

Vicky daMota

I need a good, tough, blanket, that a horse can wear throughout the windy, cold winters here in northwest Texas. One that will not snag and rip easily and you can get off and on without trouble.
One that will keep our precious friends warm and dry.
Our horses give thier all to us, we should give them warmth throughout the winter.

Chris Gurda

I have three horses, all brought up with me from Florida; it’s cold up here in PA. I feel I should consider blanketing them this winter. Winning a blanket would be a great start and a big help towards my purchases in keeping:”the boys” WARM.

Tina Guthrie Goodacre

My daughter is learning to be a barrel racer and just recently purchased a barrel horse. She has a disability and is working very hard to become a barrel racer. Her horse does not have a blanket and with the colder weather coming in she is needing one for him. She loves this horse with all her heart.

Tricia Zawislak

We are in the colder climates, and don't use fall blankets, we like to get furry. If we win, Sonny, BD & Oscar would LOVE to donate to a needy rescue that would have better use for it then us. We are unable to give monetary gifts, but opportunities like the are the best ways for it to work out for all!! Bless all of the wonderful people who volunteer their time to help the animals

amber haglund

my 2 year old zoe needs a new blanket because her old one is to small for her growing baby body. she needs to stay warm in the tough new england weather up here. she would love a new fashionable professional choice 600


My horse angel is in need of a blanket cause she needs to keep warm in the winter . And I have been looking for a blanket for her for a while.IF we picked a blanket it would be zebra

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