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Contractor Accountants

It very informative post

kelle Thorne

I take in abused and unhealthy horses and get them fit and healthy and make them a champion of being alive, and a wonderful friend.

Peggy Wheeler

I don't compete myself(I have stage fright) but I train my 9 year old step daughter's horse, my husbands roping horse and enjoy the ride on my daughters retired High School Equestrian Team horse. We venture to as many junior rodeos in the Idaho area. My step daughter runs a consistant 16.1 and has won 6 buckles this last past year and several other prizes from the High Desert Rodeo Association and Shu-fly Arena/SIBRA sponsored events.


I compete like a champion in Parelli Games and Equine Agility with my fabulous Percheron mare. Every ride is a chance to be a better partner and win another piece of her heart!

Roben Wink

I don't compete but I love and use Equibrand products for both my Quarterhorses. One is a 29 year old retired mare who still has her spunk and whom I've had for 20 years. The other is a 9 year old gelding who is my best friend and my second partner. I only want what's best for them, they are both my champions!!

Lee A. Schmitz

I compete with my 11 year old KMSH in my field. i have had a difficult time in winning his affection.I have been working with him for the three years that we have been together and he is still a challenge.He has taught me to look for the small positive changes and I can see those!

Allison Biederstaedt

I been training my 3 1/2 year old solid paint since I got him back for the trainer who broke him under saddle and got him started and it has been a challenge for him as well as me. I mainly do western/trail and not certain whether I will be competing in shows at this time, but plan for our grandson to show him.

Lisa Sparrow

I do not compete anymore, but I still have my 20 year old mare I used to barrel race on. She and I have traveled many many miles, and made even more triple turns together. She has 2 more paddock mates, Smash and Stormy who all enjoy trail riding and pampering. We still used Equibrand products for our everyday riding to assure all of us, (horse and rider) have the best experience possible. These horses are champions in their own right. My champions..

Shellli Smiley

I compete in the southeastern side of the USA in barrelracing. To compare to a champion you need to be a great sport, present yourelf and you horse at the shows dressed professionally . Also, partner up with your horse,and do everything you can to enhance his chances of competing at the best of his abilities.

Cynthia Gilmore

Every chance I get I compete with my best friend Fierro. We do western events, poles, barrels and equitation. He always makes sure to make me look great!

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