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Doris Hagin

I compete at NBHA shows within NY06. I haven't ridden much in the past few years due to the birth of my son, but now that I have a new horse and my son is older, I am hoping to compete more this coming year.

heather fish

I competea lot in the summer. I compete likea champion becaue i beat thee odds. My horse i rescued forman auction he was goin to slaughter. He'sa 39 year old semi-blind thoroughbred. we compete in halter,barrels,hunter,dressage,cross country at intermediate level. Many people dont liek the fct that i ride an older horse but we are fierce comptitors and succeed becaue we are a team. He is my best friend and sometime my fashion
Bandi Sole and I are champion because we follow eachother, respect eacother, and learn from eachothers mistakes. To mee a champion know how to find his weaknesses and achive their highest goals through trial and error. Wiht out that horse i would not be the rider i am today.

CR Grady

I compete like a champion on the trails. I love busting brush and challenge me and my horse on those double black diamond trails.

When the others are "opting out" on the easy side trail my husband and I take the challenge. We have had to get out of the saddle and sit on one stirrup, climb rocks and go through brush that only the goats would love. Our horses just takes everything in stride as another day on the trails.


I compete like a champion everytime I gaze out my window to see my horses looking back at me. I know they deserve the absolute best from me because they give me only their best! When I'm on the back of one of my horses, nothing can break me or bring me down. That is my time to put all else aside and be one with my horse. I know that I compete like a champion in my horses eyes because I have not only gained their trust, but I have gained their unconditional love and compaionship! I wouldn't trade that for the world...

Victoria Amrhein

We compete locally here in NE Florida in the NBHA FL02 District. We're not a 1D team, but we compete against ourselves each time we go out. If we make an improvement, that's great, if we happen to win a check as well, even better!

I just enjoy riding and competing. I'm not a serious competitor, but I do ask my horses and myself to do the best that we are able. That means having the best gear, the right fits, etc. I always go to Classic Equine for my leg protection and love the Bio-Fit pads for those taller withered horses!

Don kegley

i complete like a champion everyday i train horses for the public. so i am always looking out for the horse most people see horsese as a tool or just like a 4 wheeler get on and ride then put them up. when i train a take each horse as an indivual. so that i can take the time that is needed to make sure that horse goes on with there owner and will be willing to please so the owner will be pleased cause a happy owner will treat there horse with the ultmost care cause they will see the horse as a compainion not just a tool

Jeanne Johnson

I compete like a champion with my Arabians in the USA

Wendy Flowers

Our horse, Pan, come off the racetrack in 2010. I started him under saddle this year, competing successfully in many events. Pan has been from the Downeast Horse Congress in Skowhegan to Ellis River Riders in Andover to Mousam in Kennebunk, often earnings blues. He has been a role model for OTT turned pleasure horses and he was the flag bearer at Cornish Horseman's Day and at World of Horses at Cumberland Fair. <3

April Ferreira

everytime I get back on after getting thrown off :)

Gail Cerva

I compete like a champion everyday, getting up regardless of how I'm feeling to ensure my 29 year old gelding is still with me and full of energy along with his rescued buddy. I rescued this past March when my second horse 28 years old had a fall and while working with the vet to help him, he passed in the night while I slept (his way of sparing me that awful decision. I always make sure the animals are first in my life, my Mom, then husband finally myself. I tell my husband he has two hands to help himself my four legged friends blook pressure reliefers do not. Yes even when they act up they are my stress relief.

Jeannine Verderosa

I try to compete like a champion every time I ride my rescue horse. She was a totally unbroke mare when I adopted her from Project Sage Horse Rescue two years ago. I was an intermediate rider at best. I was told to get rid of her numerous times in the beginning for fear that she would kill me. I did much research to improve my knowledge of basic horsemanship and persisted in my riding. Now I have the most amazing, safe horse with a sweet and willing disposition. She made me feel like a champion just being able to get her where she is today.

Robin Schunk

I compete like a champion every time I get on my horse. I was very afraid but I kept getting back on and with the help of my horse and my faith I overcame my fear and now my horse and I are a team on the trail and in the ring.

Susan Trout

I compete like a champion for horses (and all animals) every time I sign a petition, write a letter to my elected officials, speak out in support of humane treatment of horses and advocate for rescue and adoption of unwanted horses (and other domestic animals). Before anyone decides to breed any animal, ask yourself if you can first save one that is already living and in desperate need. I compete like a champion when I call attention to the plight of children and how horses in particular can heal and transform. There's nothing so good for the inside of a person like the outside of a horse. I compete like a champion every time I sit on the back of my beautiful Arabian gelding and realize how fortunate I am to share my life with these inspiring beings.

marcella rae

where i compete like a champion is where ever i find myself. how i compete like a champion is by being strong, honest, kind and humble.

Kimberley Law

I believe its not so much the person who competes like a champion, but the animal. I look at our 2 adopted horses and 1 donkey and wonder what horrible life or tragedy they may have endured. I do know if it hadn't been for us the donkey would be on a slaughter truck (horrible)and who knows what the fate of the horses would have been.....the same? I wonder what it would have been like to see thru their eyes. To me, these living creatures are the TRUE champions, the ones who make it thru the worst living conditions and yet can still love and trust humans unconditionally.


I was badly injuried at work 3 years ago. I try to compete like a champion everytime I see my horse. I brush, walk, and talk to her. She is the driving force for me to overcome and work with my disability. I can be so depressed and with a walk to the barn I feel like I've started the day all over. I hope I will be able to ride again in the spring. Over the years, I bought a lot of things for my horse from Valley Vet. All have been of good quality. I am a "repeat offender," I just keep coming back! My horse likes her treats best. :-)

Pamela Forman

I compete like a champion at work so I can afford to have a wonderful horse in my life!

Cathy Ledbetter

We compete as Champions at our barn every time one of the the special needs kids has the smallest breakthrough and we know we've touched a life through a horse.


I compete like a champion at home on my mini ranch by taking daily care of my racetrack rescues and my hunter/jumper retirees giving them a great place to live out their golden years.


I compete on the trail and at Haysville Saddle Club funshows! Win or loose, I still have FUN because that is what true Champions do.

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