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Cynthia Fears

My horses and I compete like champions in Las Vegas, Nevada by improving as a team each ride.

Mindy Braden

I compete like a champion every chance I get. There is no greater challenge than to brush the caked up mud out of a horses coat, mane, and tail before you can even get started on your adventure with them. I love to trail ride at the Natchez Trace National Park in Tennessee it is so peaceful and uplifting. My horses have shown me that no matter how many times and how hard you fall You still have to get back up and try again.

Jean Parr

This year my daughter convinced me to compete on the barrel horse she had outgrown. He is too slow for her, but I am a pleasure horse rider and have no need for speed. I was a good sport and did this one time. I had to endure alot of teasing about how I thought I was breaking a land speed record when, in fact, I was only doing a fast lope. Thankfully the horse has moved on to a more suitable rider. An 8 year old girl that is probably going faster than I did! A happy ending to my barrel racing career, I hope.

Erica Crabtree

In WA, I compete in speed events on Ada and Sophie; I wouldn't take the chance of running them without their Legacy boots!!

Kim Knapp

I compete like a champion every time I attend my local shows by helping out as much as I can. Showing is a stressful time, especially for people that are first timers or new to the world, I like to make them all feel welcomed. Showing isn't always about placing first, it's doing the best you can, in the rind as well as outside of it.

Sheri Olson

I bought my horse when I lost my breasts to cancer at age 30. It helped me compete against the cancer. Gave me a reason to live. When I'm on my horses back, playing with him on the ground or hanging out in my hammock in his stall it reminds me of how fortunate I am to have won my battle with breast cancer 8 yrs ago. There's nothing like the relationship between man (woman) and their four legged soulmate.


I compete at the regional level on my western pleasure Arabians and hope for the Nationals in 2012!

Jersey Matthews

I do it everyday, compete. I get up early tend to my horses go to work come home ride them pamper them feed them, cook dinner for my kids an do it all over again the next day,
my daughter an son compete in shows.

Lucy VanSwearingen

I compete like a champion with my 4 horses at home. I used to own a Reining stud, who is, actually, a World Champion. He always wore Classic Equine!
I ride my personal horses for fun... they are part of our family. I love them dearly. And I'm glad, that I'm able to outfit them with such fine products.

Stacey McCarthy

I compete like a champion every day at work helping those with mental illness overcome the stimga against mental health disabilities so prevalent in our society, and helping them overcome the barriers presented by their illness. They are the true champions! Equine wise - I'm a champion and weekend warrior of trails across GA, AL and TN!!

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