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Ariat Fan

Love everything about Ariat. Jeans, boots, shirts, hats, helmuts. Great qaulity and a great company. One of the elite brands.

Sarah Cogan

It is important to me to have a pair of jeans with style but also function. I just bought a pair of Ariat Ruby Fashion jeans because they make me look great and are functional but also really cute and could be worn for a variety of different occasions. I wish I knew about this brand a while ago because I picked these jeans up for a really reasonable amount and I feel I have wasted much more on other pairs of jeans I didn't like nearly as much.


A good pair of jeans turns the head of my man. I want to feel good and comfy yet sexy. There is nothing like a good ole' pair of jeans. Jeans are like a comfort food...yes, a comfort for sure to any day.

Kaylin Williams

I like a pair of jeans that are soft but durable. I like when they fit tight but not too tight that I have to struggle to get in them. I enjoy pants that stay up when I sit down.

Rachel Shwayder

I have fallen in love with the Q-Baby fit, but i am not impressed with how sturdy they are; wonder if that is a factor of the stretch? So that fit has now become my standard.
That said, I like: a "mid" rise, hate anything that digs into my waist; a fit that does not have to be baggy to be comfortable, but if baggy is still flattering (yeah, THAT was specific!); a straight leg since i find Boot cut to be a little narrow in the thigh and knee.
I personally don't like a jean to look already faded, or have ragged hems or pockets edges, i prefer to do that myself :) I also prefer stiching to be subtle and not to advertise itself on my bum.
It is a real bonus if the jeans i can wear for chores and riding (flat seams, no gap waist-band, etc) are also comfortable to wear at the dinner table or at my desk chair all day. I am not tall and it seems that there are not enough 32" to go around - when i am checking clearance the majority are the longer lengths.
Thanks, this was fun!

Diana Knudsen

Most important to me is the overall comfort for walking, sitting or riding my horse. Sadly, I don't own a pair of Ariat jeans. Maybe if I win a pair of Ariat jeans I will become as dedicated to wearing their jeans as I am to wearing the Ariat boots.

Gael Page

My jeans need to be multi- purpose. They need to be comfortable to work around the ranch,ride and then go to town or play with my grandkids. And they still need to make my husband say "WOW". Not too tight but not sloppy either. Can't wait to try a pair of Ariat jeans!

Bridget Duhamel

It's all about comfort, I like to be comfortable when riding/working with the horses and in every day life. I don't even want to think about my jeans when I'm working with my horses they need to be comfortable and the furthest thing from my mind so I can spend my full attention with them.


I work with horses, so I like a pair of jeans that has some room to maneuver in and that hold up well. I'm short-waisted, so I appreciate a pair of jeans that have a lower rise. All in all - it's about comfort and quality for me.

Suzanne Rowe

I like my jeans to fit, be comfortable and most of all be quality. They need to be tough and durable while being multi-purpose usable such as for riding, working and going to town. I am looking forward to trying a pair of Ariat Jeans, I love Ariat shirts and boots I have no doubt Ariat Jeans will be any less than great!

Denise Deckard

A good pair of jeans will have just the right lift in the tush, hug in all the right spots but not tug in the wrong ones. Ladies know what I mean. also I want a pair of jeans that will looks nice out dancing but rugged enough for the barn. Ariat Jeans are those jeans!

Leah daziens

comfort & fit

Ken Scott

A good set of jeans is different to almost everyone. But, to me, it is like the love of your life -- you'll know it when you find it. so, will Ariat fit that need -- you'll know it when you try them on!!

Kim Westfall

Love Ariat!! Besides the shoes, Shirts, Breeches, jackets I wear when I ride, I can wear the jeans everywhere..... Love the style, fit and comfort. Thanks Ariat!!!


I'm a boots, belt, and jeans kind of girl. I like a pair of jeans that is long enough to hit the back of my leather boots in just the right place, and looks terrific from the front and the back with a snazzy leather belt. If a great fitted t-shirt and jacket can top off the look, I'm one happy jeans-clad girl!

Kim DeCouto

A good comfortable pair of jeans can take me riding, dancing, to work or out on the town for a night. They look great with boots, tennis shoes or heels. I would take 2 good fitting pairs if jeans over a closet full of dress clothes! Snug enough to show your curves but not tight enough to show your panty lines.

Heather Hamel

My jeans need to work as hard as I do. They need to look good enough for work and then be comfortable enough for a trail ride afterwards.

Sharyl Anderson

A great pair of jeans to me is when you put your foot in the stirrup, sling yourself up into the saddle and your jeans stay put. There's no gap in the back and your not tugging at them in the crotch area.

Jenn Hogan

A great pair of jeans should make you feel SEXY!!

Lucy Gordley

I love my Ariat Jeans! They are the first pair of jeans, I have ever had that feels like I have nothing on and makes the men yell out nice butt! The best of all,they don't pinch you when you ride,work or play around.

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