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Jeans should make you look hot while still being comfortable!!! The hallmark of a good pair of jeans is that you can ride in them and they still look great afterwards, not too stretched out.

Judy Lynn Wills

This cowgirl likes soft jeans, able to move with me (in the saddle and out} with deep pockets. Also, jeans which turn the male lookers and say, "Hay, you look like you're going to the barn." "Later," I reply. Wranglers have always been my favorite jeans, but MAYBE--- ARIAT could change my thinking.

Terri Love

I want my jeans to stay were they should when I sit down, and allow me to get my foot into the saddle! So they need a little stretch!

Louise Cotulla

A great pair of jeans fits in the rear so I don't hang out; fits in the waist with no gapping; has a bit of stretch so I can bend over comfortably; and above all--A GREAT PAIR OF JEANS IS LONG ENOUGH!! Yay Ariat!

Shannon Metzler

I love a good pair of jeans that fit great. I don't want them to tight or to loose in areas and comfort is a must. I love ariat jeans

Jann Hadsell

Just as women come in different shapes and sizes, so do jeans nowadays. What makes Ariat jeans stand out from all the rest for looks, comfort and feel is the quality and feel of their denim. Nobody wants a pair of jeans that are so stiff they can literally "stand up on their own". Nor the jeans that are so worn or limp that all they are good for is a dust rag. Ariat jeans have just the right amount of fit and "give" in the right places to be worn all day without any discomfort. And, as an added bonus, stays flattering to the figure.

Karen Densmoer

I love a great fitting pair of jeans whether I am out riding my horse or just hanging out with friends.

Lynne de Habermann

I like a pair of jeans that can ride all day and dance all night. I have found that Ariat jeans can do it all.

Elaine Boge

I need a low to mid cut jean to fit my waist and seat. I am short waisted and they usually come to my waist. I want some stretch for comfort and give when getting on my horse. I like smooth inseams. I want a nice solid color with a no gap waist.
I think the Ladies Ruby Caliente Ariat jeans sound perfect.


A good pair of jeans should fit like a glove without being too tight around the waist, hips, and/or tush. The newer styles - low rise, boot cut, long length, and stretch for a little give - make my 43 yr old bod feel like I'm still in my 20's, tall & slender can do anything! :))


I like jeans that fit in all areas; hips, thighs and waist. Ariat jeans are perfect. They allow movement, are durable and look great!

Mrs. Robie Ward

i like jeans to be soft and compfortable, stylish, sometimes the worn look, and sometimes new. fitting in the leg area, and not extremely low cut. i wear jeans to work at the office and everywhere else i go (horse shows, etc...

Elizabeth Butler

Fit - comfortable waist, just enough room for my hips, sleek through the legs, and a bit of pizazz to attract attention.

Stephanie Staton

I was super excited to find this contest and have an opportunity to win a pair of Ladies Ruby Caliente Ariat Jeans. When I shop for a pair of jeans that make me feel and look hot I have 3 criteria. First, while trying them on do they slide right up over my hips as I do a slight hop? This ensures size – not to tight or baggy. Second, as I look in the mirror at my backside does it appear to give me booty and a nice waistline? But most importantly, I know that I have found the right jeans when I walk out of the dressing room and I look in the mirror to see someone else looking back! (Heee Hee)

Seriously, I have 3 jobs as a mother, wife, and cowgirl so my jeans are an essential element to my wardrobe and have triple purpose – Jean Friday at Work, Horse Show or Roping on the weekends, and riding and/or looking good for my husband in the evenings!

Sandra Wilson

who doesn't appreciate a man's butt that looks great in a pair of jeans???

Tricha Williams

I look for jeans that are slightly above the waist and long enough so I can wear a pair of heels. I like to have good pockets on the front so I can put something in and won't lose it. Jeans need to make me look good, not out of proportion on the back side.

Debra Teague

Jeans need to not gap in back, not be worn out before I get them and fit even generous curves with comfort.

Jeanne Hoiem

I like a pair of jeans that I can do work, ride and look kind of dressy in. I look for fit at the waist, no gap in the back when sitting and that my shirt stays tucked in at all times. A little stretch in the legs for ease in getting up into the saddle is always nice. Boot cut to go over my boots and not so low cut that they make my mid section look bigger than it is. Dark denim color, non-distressed are my favorite color, as they get that look as I wear and wash them on their own. Also, a smooth inseam and crotch seam for comfort while riding long hours on the trail. Has anyone every thought of making inseam sizes between the normal lengths? There are some of us out there who need a 31 or 33 inch inseam, but have to buy a 32 or 34 inch and then have them shortened (yes, even with our boots on that have 2 inch heels on them), otherwise we wear out the bottom edge of the jean before the rest.

Karen Day

Comfort is the biggy! I love Ariat and have gotten many friends to try them. These are the things I look for in a well made pair of jeans: lower rise, boot cut, some stretch in the fabric, no-gap waistband, good fabric that withstands barn work, & not baggy but not tight either.

Lori Paup

A great pair of jeans that fit right make all the difference when you are working in them. No gap in the back, and have a little stretch in them.

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