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Lesa Richmond

I like jeans that are durable and move with you. They can't have big thick seams that rub when you ride.

Suzanne Davis

I need them to look good and be comfortable to wear all day long whether I'm riding, walking, or working. And, last wash after wash!

Patricia Seckar

I like a pair of jeans to be tough/durable,loose fit and can withstand a lot of washing. My favorite kind of jeans used to be Levi's but they have made the fabric too thin. I hope that Ariat can take their place. If they are as durable as the boots I have, I am sure I will love them.
Go Ariat!

Susan Thomas

I like a little stretch for comfort, boot cut, a no gap waistband (I'm one of those women with a waist that's small compared to my hips)and legs that are not too tight in the thigh. In all, jeans that make me feel good about the way I look in them!

Jennifer Isaksen

I look for jeans that are long enough to keep my boots covered when I'm riding - and have to have a great fitting waist too - Ariat jeans are the best!

Teresa short

A great pair of jeans, you just know when you slide them on. The length from the waist to hip has to be just right, like Ariat Jeans. Not too long or too short. The rear should fit nicely and all some movement. There is not a better pair of jeans to go horseback riding in.

Dawn Walsh

Being just 5' tall, I look for jeans that aren't too long, yet won't look like "high-water's" when I wear them with boots. Plus, I look for a comfortable waist band that doesn't gap at the back & they absolutely have to have a little stretch in them or I won't buy them!
Dawn @ Never-E-Nuff Acres


I look for a pair of jeans that fit tight in the back of the waistband. So many of the low rise styles gap in the back for me. I want a little stretch and I like a boot cut so that I can ride with my pants over my boots. Also I like a darker denim without the stress or worn out look. I can do that on my own!


A good pair of jeans makes all the difference when working or playing. I love Ariat Jeans!

Rebecca Taylor

I am 55+ and I like my jeans to have a little stretch in them, not be faded out when I buy them, to be bootcut, have several choices of inseam and also to be midrise. I wear jeans everyday of the week as I think I look better in jeans then any dress slacks made. And definitely better in jeans then in a dress!

Carrie Dery

My biggest problem when i am buying a new pair of jeans is the length!! I am 4'11" & find that with most jeans on the market today run 32+ length for my size ugh!! I know that Ariat from time to time run pettite sizes.Hoping!! :)

sherrie b

it's the perfect fit and comfort

Jeannine Verderosa

Looks?- something that makes my small butt not look saggy. Usually this means a jean that has a tighter fit on top and flares a bit on the leg. I want something I can ride in, then walk around the rest of the day not looking like they are "riding pants". Feel? Something that doesn't squeeze me in the belly. I usually choose jeans that are low cut. Nothing more annoying than a squeezy belly when you are in the saddle. Comfort? All the above, plus softness. Lastly - Ariat makes them - what could be better for us horsey people?

Cheryl Gaebel

They're unique! I love to have great looking items that I get asked where I got them. Love the boot cut style!

Pamela Forman

"What is it about a pair of jeans that gives you the look, feel and comfort you want?"

That they are by Ariat. Need one say more???

Les Lanzo-Fusee

The look, feel & comfort I want in a pair of jeans is slimming with a little bling, soft but sturdy, and no gap in the back of the waist & don't stretch out and become baggy after wearing all day! I'm no different than any ranch girl, I am in many different situations in any given day. I go from feeding livestock to town for supplies, maybe out for lunch or a business appointment and then company for supper. I don't have time to change clothes for every different activity, I need one pair of jeans to fit the bill for my whole day!

Gale Rose

I bought a pair of Ariat jeans at Quarter Horse Congress. Love them!! Very comfortable!! Didn't have to keep trying jeans, they fit perfectly right away!! I tried many brands of jeans - none fit like these - didn't waste any time buying these!!

Rachel Kraske

I like jeans that have enough give in the fabric to stretch when I do. I prefer hi rise jeans because it is more comfortable to carry the weight of a few tools when riding.


My favorite jeans are low cut, long and flatter the figure. They have to be comfy enough to ride in and also look good for the office. I finally wore a favorite pair out this summer that was over 10 yrs. old, so I cut them off for shorts. It was kind of sad. I hope the new Ariat jeans are as great as the boots. It's the only brand I buy. When it's time to buy another pair there's no point looking at anything else.


Lost a lot of weight after my surgery, so its even harder for me to find a good fitting pair of jeans. Being slim, yet long legged, with hardly a butt, the Ariat Jeans fit great and are comfortable....Thank You

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