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Dentist Hyderabad
I am really glad that I have found this post and I thank you for letting us know about this information.This is a big help for sure!! Thanks!

Christina Marquez

I have 3 rescue dogs, Missy (cream pek), Tobey (tri color shtzu), Sheba (black lab). I am all about adopting (please spay/neuter). Sheba is the newest addition to our family and she weighs approx. 75 lbs. She protects her brother and sister and of course the chickens and the horses!!! We love our family! Please consider adopting as so many need a second chance. :)


My name is Lou. I weigh 67 lb. Please pick me. Thank you.

Jennifer Ortega

We have one dog, a beagle, and his name is Noah. We adopted him and he is about 9 years old. He will eat any kind of treats.

Denise H.

I have a black Lab named Rebel and he weighs about 90 lbs and an American Eskimo named Ozzy and he weighs about 25lbs.

Kathryn Wolfe

I have a Yellow lab, her name is Katie & she is 8 years old. Katie gets 2-3 treats a day and I always place one on her bed every night. Katie has been a little lonely this past month her best friend Dottie (A Sheltie Mix) died of kidney Cancer. We are looking around at some local shelters for a older dog that would like to be a member of a happy home.

Pamela Headlee

We have 5 wonderfull Goldens. Boomer, Maggie, Savanna, Sydney, Kona ( AKA Chunkie Monkey ) She would at least try to take the most. they range from 70lbs to about 100 lbs.

Betty Janke

My dog's name is Lacey. She is a 2 1/2 yr. old Australian Shepard and weights approx. 35 lbs. She's our "baby" and loves treats!

Denise Harper

We have 3 dogs, Jazz, Jewels, and Lilly.
Jazz and Jewel are brother and sister rescue
dogs and are 10 years old. Lilly is also
a rescue dog and she is 8 months old now.
Jazz and Jewels are a spaniel mix with beautiful long black and while coats.
Lilly is a blonde shephard collie mix whose
ears make her look like the flying nun. She has so much energy and makes everyone laugh.
They weigh about 50-55#. Along with the
guinea pig it's alittle like a zoo.

Somi Yarbrough

We have 5 dogs.
1. Romeo, a Chiwawa
2. Juliet, a Yorkie
3. Buzzsaw, a Blue Heeler
4. Barney, a Great Pyrenes cross. Weighes approx. 150 lbs and loves to any treats.
5. Amos, a Anatolian Shepard, weighs aprox 150 llbs. He is a livestock guardian dog for our goat herd. Guarding goats is his sole purpose. He is happy to eat whatever we give him and would enjoy any treats.

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