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nina c

What are the names of your dogs and what is the approximate weight of the dog who will eat the most treats?

Money Penny is a 60 lb olde english bulldog


We have 3 dogs.
Gracie is a Yorkie she is 4 yrs. old and weighs 13 lbs and her daughter Liela is a Yorkie she is 2 yrs.old and weighs 1o lbs. Then we have Ambrea she is a Belgian Malnios/Shepard mix. She is 11 mo. old and weighs about 65 lbs.
The Yorkies' are the ones that would eat the treats. They love treats.

Jubee Moxley

We have 2 neutered male dogs, Biscuit and Gravy. They are both mixed breeds involving a lab?akita?pointer? that we rescued (1 thru Petsmart and the other thru local agency) Biscuit is 12 and eats pretty much everything whole. Gravy chews at least, and eats very carefully. They both love to wander with me on the farm but snuggle in the covers every night. Treats are a part of our everyday. They think they are yummy, only I know how good they can be for them.

Laurel McGilvery

I am owned by 10 dogs, all rescues, which consist of 8 livestock guardian breed dogs who started out as foster dogs and stayed (saint bernard mix, great pyrenees, akbash, and anatolian, in order by age from 12 to 2 are Max, Rae-Anne, Sugar, Sasha, Aphrodite, Honey, Crystal, and Ameera), one lhasa apso (Nellie) and one shih tzu (Charlie). Although they range in weight from 140 to 17 pounds (Aphrodite to Charlie), I have to admit that Sugar, an 85 pound Anatolian-Akbash mix will eat the most treats given a chance. She doesn't waste time chewing, just bolts everything down as quickly as possible. Aphrodite eats the least treats, mainly 'cause she eats so slowly and is so laid back that everyone else grabs 2-3 for each 1 of hers. I have to make sure she gets her fair share by hand feeding her treats.

Christina Hess

We have four Shih Tzus. Dolly is 6 and 10 pounds. Maggie is Dolly's sister and litter mate and weighs 12 pounds. Missy is 8 and weighs 12 pounds. Spikey is 8 and weighs 17 pounds. Spikey is my little oinker. He eats anything and everything. He will steal the other's treats if he can get away with it. They all love yams wrapped in chicken, chicken wrapped around fruit slices and just about anything else I've given them.

Cheryl Moody

Riley and Jake the shelter 'mutts' and Haley the obligatory purebred. No one gets more treats than the others so its good they are all close in weight at about 65 lbs.

kathy cowan

My best buddy is Possum, she is a mixed breed, mostly Husky I think. Possum is 6 and she weighs about 50 lbs. Possum loves cats, snow and really cold days and me.

Diane Pirisino

I own 2 dogs, both of them are rescues. Remy, a brown "bird dog" mix weighs 65 lbs.and without a doubt eat the most treats! Mattie weighs 56 lbs and is a black lab or something mix. She's more selective about what she eats.....actually anything laying on the floor is game.

Darcy Piersol

Murphy our Queensland Heeler who is the ripe ol' age of 25yrs. Cowgirl our 3 yr old Brittany Spaniel. and last but not least Wrangler who is 4 months old, also a Brittany Spaniel, who weighs approx 25 lbs. he would definately eat the most treats, most likely until he explodes.

Leslie J. Phillips

I own 7 dogs of various breeds/sizes:

1. Toy Maltese, Johnny, 5 years old and 3 pounds. Favorite treat is Chicken Jerky.
2. Pembroke Corgi, Latigo, 1 year old and 20 pounds. She loves all treats and will bark at me every night at treat time! She loves any kind of treat.
3. Shitzu, Gracie, 6 years old and 10 pounds. She loves chicken patties and chicken jerky. She is a timid dog but really comes alive at treat time! She will "bow" wagging her tail wildly!
4. 2 lab mixes, Sandy and Cloe, both are 2 years old and love all treats but especially like smoked pork bones - the bigger the better!
5. Boxer, Banjo, 8 years old. Favorite treat is chicken jerky and chicken poppers.
6. Great Pyrenees, Naomi, 3 years old, loves the big smoked pork bones.

I try to give them all a healthy amount of treats but the Boxer and smaller dogs get them every night and the big outside dogs only get them occasionally.

jane helfer

we have 3 dogs...snoop, our doberman pincher, is 10 yrs old and weighs 100 lbs, sadie, our black german shepherd, is also 10 yrs old and weighs 110 lbs and then there is casper (sadie's son) he is a black and silver german shepherd, he is 9 yrs old and weighs 130 lbs. snoop, the doberman, would eat ALL the treats if we would let him.


I have 8 dogs, Mecco is a Min-Pin (a big one) at 26 pounds, Batman and Robin Min-Pins about 14 and 15 pounds, Monkey my Chi at 4.5 pounds, Chille my half Boxer Half Bassett Hound at 54 pounds, Conan my Jack Russell at 12 pounds, Pharoah my female Great Dane at 170 pounds and King my male Great Dane at 160 pounds. We also still have three Great Dane puppies at 26 pounds a piece (who also love treats). To be honest, Pharoah my female Great Dane would eat the most but my little piggy Mecco , bless her heart if she could see good, she would eat all the treats. She is 13 years old and a bit blind in both her eyes, but still kicking. Several were rescue dogs. We love them all and always try to give them treats for going in their kennels or just for being good or just because.


I have 9 angels - 2 Chihuahuas, Cowgirl 2yr and Canela 8yr, Lucky, a black German Sheppard 2yr and about 70 lbs., a 7yr black Lab, Dakota, about 60 lbs., and 5 heelers - Wyatt, Blue Heeler, 5yr, about 40 lbs.
Josei, Red Heeler, 5yr, about 35 lbs.
Doc, Red Heeler, 3yr, about 35 lbs.
Mollie, Blue Heeler, 3yr, about 35 lbs.
and CJ, Red Heeler, yr, about 35 lbs. I guess Lucky will definitely eat her treats faster.

Krista Strehle

Jesse is my 13yr old Beagle/Basset cross, she is 25 lbs. and is missing 14 teeth! She is very difficult to do anything to clean her teeth and has a heart murmur, making it impossible for the vet to do her teeth, even though she can wressle and play and bark and chase things half the day!

Diana Fisher

I have a West Highland Terrier named Guy he weighs 16 lbs. and is a handful. He loves to run outside and swim in the water.


What are the names of your dogs
Jed, Goldie, Dorie, Lexi, Jayd, Nemo, mersaadees, Porsche, Bideach, Artex, Peanut and Smudge
what is the approximate weight of the dog who will eat the most treats? five pounds (5LBS)

Amber Harden

I have one dog Scooby who weighs 94 lbs and he LOVES treats.

Sharon Krafft

Kito, our most recently adopted puppy, was actually born on my birthday (September 2). Not sure how much he weighed then, but now at five months of age, he's like a small horse and eats like one too. At over 60 lbs. he's actually more like a bull in a china closet. He gets so excited, like all puppies, when he's about to be fed; however, his bulky size makes him very clumsy. His mama is an all white (AKC registered) Akita and his daddy is a sly fox (neighboring black lab)who romanced his mom before the planned wedding between her and another Akita. Oh well, Kito is a beautiful blend of both: almost all black with white paws, patch on his chest, and a cute little tip on his tail which curls up on his back.




Nya is an 80# GSD Rescue baby who didn't know what treats (or toys) were when we first got her. Needless to say she loves them now!

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