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unfortunately my dad passed away when i was young, but while he was alive he was the best dad ever. We had so much fun together, never really argued and were best of friends. I wish he could see me know all grown up with kids on my own. he means the world to me.
Happy Father's day

Pat Rhiel

My Dad has kept all the sorrow, inside, since my mother passed away March 3, 2011. Nothing any family member can say or due much for him. He has taken down all the pictures of my mother in the house. and has been recluse. Dad has never said a word to us, he went out to the grave site, and took Kentucky Blue Grass seed on moms grave a unique way to distinguish Mom from the rest. My Dad. Roger Budzinski now lives in the Big empty house. the house my family grew up in.he has become so depressed, and misses my mother so much. Not many things make him feel better, If, he is selected as a winner, I am sure it might put a great gift for him, with a new pair of boots he might come out to our farm,to visit. Last October the entire family comes out to celebrate my birthday, my mom had her wig on and said to me : this is the last time I will be on the farm.: Mom was right.Dad cared for her through the months that he took care of her at home, and the horrible months mom suffered,taking care of all her needs until Hospice took over. My dad is the winner in our family no matter what comes along.Such a strong man. with a broken heart.We cant do anything for him,to console him.My dad is a winner no mater what

Jersey Matthews

Well My dad is a normal good dad honestly can't give any great amazing story bout him to be honest. He is jus Dad.

Patricia Lynch

My father moved the family of six from West Virginia to a two bedroom house in Florida. Only having a third grade education he provided for us the best he could. He was basically a jack of all trades and taught himself to read and write. Through the years he developed health issues, but the family never went without. I am so thankful he moved us from a life with very few opportunities to giving us so much more. If it weren't for him there is no telling what would have become of me and my own family. He passed away in 1997 from his health problems. But not a day goes by that I do not think of him and how fortunate I am that he had the insight to give his family more than he ever had.

Laura Harmon

My dad is the greatest father in the world because he cares for everyone that he meets. He is always willing to help someone out even if it means that he will have to cancel his own plans. Not only is he there for everyone else but he is also always there for me. In fifth grade I became scared to death to go to school. Everyday either him or my mom would take me to school and sit with me until finally I was able to go on my own. He is also always willing to help me with my animals. He is truly the best man in the world. Hope you have a great Father's Day dad and I love you.

Laurene Donnelly

My father passed on to a better life 10 years ago after developing lung cancer from the cigarettes he smoked back in the Navy. He never once complained of pain. He taught me about courage and the ability to accomplish my goals. He joined the Navy in his senior year of high school, right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He served 3 years and when he came back home, he went back to high school and graduated. Guys back then did not go back to school. He worked most of his life as a mechanic and I was his helper (learning all about the mechanics of a car). Thanks to him, I can do most of the repair work on my own car. His girlfriend back in high school became pregnant and went away to relatives to have the baby. She never told him and he died not knowing he had a son. The son was adopted by his great aunt and uncle. After their passing, he found out he was adopted and his real mother told him about his father. A few years later, he found me. The brother I did not know about, looks like my father, talks like my father, and has many likes and dislikes as our father. It seems as I now have a clone version of my father. He is a farrier and I now have the horse I always wanted. My father was an animal lover and always had a dog. He would have been very pleased to see and know his son.

Hollie Motley

My father is responsible for my kind soul. He taught me to treat people right just by being himself.

Chloe Sergent

My dad sold our house in a subdivision and bought an 80 acre farm so we can have horses. And he's not much of a horse person! He has worked hard on the farm, sprucing up the old barn, running fence, clearing brush, not to mention all the work with the horses. There's much more to do! He's planning a beautiful new barn, running miles of fence, and building a new house. SO why do all this if you aren't into horses??? He did it all for me.
Chloe Sergent

carol nevills

I was so blessed to have a father that had a passion for horses. I cant count how many horseshows that my Dad hauled us to after a long day or week at work. Most importantly along with all the fun and quality time with my father I learned responsibility, how to win, how to lose, and how to pull up my boot straps and carry on with all of life's lessons that I would have to face in the future. How blessed I have been. Thanks Dad


My dad showed me how to be a man. Taught me to be a citizen and appreciate the cost of living in this country.

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