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Megan Burriss

My dad is very important in my life. He has shared with me his love of animals and encouraged my passion for horses. He is one of the most kind and unselfish people I know. His strong Christian belief is obvious is his daily life. Both he and my mom have been wonderful role models.

Rusty Gabriel

I am fortunate enough to have a hall of fame dad(if there was a hall of fame for dads) He is a loving father. He looked after me, but let me make my own mistakes too. He comforted me and disciplined me. He raised me with a love of horses and respect for God. He showed me what a daddy and husband should be....and is now the worlds greatest papaw! Usually pushing his want to second place, he is always there to help when he can. He has given me a hig mark to soot for. I hope i can be half the dad to my kids that he has been to me.

Karen Eichinger

My dad always took time to do things with me and my siblings. Even after a hard day at work he would spend time with us doing some activity. Shooting basketball, playing cards, fishing - he was always looking to have some fun. Great inspiration for being a father.


Dad taught me to take the road less traveled - literally AND figuratively - and that has made all the difference.

Jane Fleck

My father invented the audiometer, ran a papaya ranch and raised our family while training us with strong values. He emphasized self reliance and responsibility.

I came to love fishing and working outdoors from him. Thanks, Dad.

Darra schulz

My father is the worlds best dad he has always been there for me when times are tough or just when I needed a shoulder to cry on I have always looked up to my father he has supported every decision that I have ever made even if he felt it wasn't the right one for me. He is one of the hardest working men I know and one of the most loving and forgiving meb I will ever meet I love my dad with all my heart he is so special

Makayla Presson

My dad is the father of 8 children 5 of which are adopted. He taught us all to ride horses but most importantly he taught us the hard work in caring for our horse. One of my sisters rides in special needs and many shows my father would lead her in the summer heat walking the barrel pattern then come back and walk me. He did this for several years until I could ride by myself. The greatest site is seeing my dad at the end of the alley way cheering me on. He is my biggest fan. I have seen him wear boots with holes in the soles in order to buy me and my sister and brothers boots to ride in the shows. He makes sacrafices in order to make sure me and my horse spirt have what we need in order to compete. My dad is mow teaching me to rope and the time we spend together is great. Without him I would never have had a horse or learned to love and respect my horse like I do. Cowgirls don't cry but if I do, my dad is there to wipe away the tears.

Noelle Borland

My dad has meant many things to me through the 20 years but above all he has been a dad. He is kind, strong and someone I can always look up to. One of the biggest things he has done for me is to be strong. My dad was strong for me when i couldn't be strong for myself. He never gave up on me and showed me that it is ok to hurt, it's ok to cry and if I needed someone to hold me up he would always be there. I don't think I can put into words how much I love my dad but I hope he knows that whenever he needs someone to be strong for him I will always be there. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't be here today.

Shane Gooch

My dad is the hardest worker I know. He gets up every single day at 4 to go to work and he hasn't missed a day in I don't know how many years. He does everything for me and anyone else. I love him dearly. If someone wants him to build a cabinet or shelf he will, without saying anything.. He has worn boots all his life.


Dad is a man of few words, and seems uncomfortable with praise and accolades and feelings put into words, though he will accept them quietly and graciously. I mostly learned from him by example. He has a love of horses (he wanted to be a trainer, but got called to work the dairy farm), and has a gentle hand will all animals, especially babies. He has taught me to be kind and considerate to others, to think before I speak, to laugh whenever I can, and to see beauty in everyday things. I always wanted to be like my Dad, I hope every day that I'm getting closer.

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