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Mark's kids

Our dad is the best: a jack-of-all trades!

Jack Scott

My dad taught me that all things happen for a reason. He showed me by example to see the good in all people!

Tammy Matthews

My dad is perfect, just ask my husband. My first "date" with my now husband included my dad while watching my daughter compete at a Tx high school rodeo. Who better to help screen my prospective suitor than the worlds most perfect father. During that first meeting, I was sure to let my now husband know that "my dad is the most perfect dad ever, so don't ever forget that". Looking back, I must have put a lot of pressure on him. But he agrees, my dad is perfect :)

Melody Carroll

My Daddy has always been my support and my rock. The song "Tell who your friends are" describes our relationship. Whenever I need a hand he is there. He has taught me to care for myself by teaching me to fix cars and mow lawns and raise cattle and shot a gun (you know 'guy stuff'). I will always be his 'Monkey' even though I have a kid of my own. I love my Dad more than the world.

Pam Grover

I can't say anything that's more eloquent than many of the posts before mine. I'll merely say that my dad means the world to me, and what he's done FOR me is love me unconditionally and support my endeavors...whatever they are. And when the time comes that our roles in life are reversed, I will gladly be there for him in whatever way I am needed. As he has always been there for me.
Love ya, Dad!


Dad is a hard worker, and instilled in us that hard work is good. He is raising us up to love and obey God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He provides for us, and is there whenever we need him. My Mom says she has never been happier. They have been married for 17 years now. I am so blessed to have him as my Dad!

madison oxner

My dad meant the world to me he was a mechanic for a John Deere dealership for 50 years and taught me how to do thing his way and what it meant to be a honest man and growing up it was yes sir or yes mam to any one older than i was . He tauhgt me how to be a good dad and father anybody can be a dad but it takes a special man to be a father.

India Seaton

My dad is wonderful. I love him dearly. He is planning on moving to our farm soon and I can't wait till he gets here, and nither can his grandaughters. He enjoys riding horses and it will be great when he finally gets his first riding horse. I hope he wins the boots cause he is going to need them. lol!

Betty Applebaker

I was Daddy's girl. He taught me to love the outdoors and took me hunting with him when my brothers were grown and gone. He helped me learn responsibility, recognizing the enjoyment that comes from having a horse while growing up. He was supportive, kind, easy going and loved people. He faded with Alzheimers but I still love him for who he was, a great Dad.

Krystalle Halverson

My Dad has taught me so much he has taught me to never give and and never quit. He never gave up on me. he has taught me to be tough and stand up for what you believe in. My Dads the best ever.


My dad taught me how to run a farm!

Patsy Kimball

Daddy taught me to love horses. He bought Daisy Mae for me when I was only seven and taught me how to ride her. He bought me Midnight and Star Dust, too. Daddy loved me and my sisters and took good care of us until he died. He taught us to be honest, to be careful, to work, and to have fun with our family. He was a farmer, a rancher, a plumber, an electrician, a mechanic, a cotton ginner, a roper, a baseball player, a Christian, and most important of all, he was my dad

Jordan Kimball

My dad does lots of things for me. He fixes me my favorite foods, teaches me to play baseball, takes me hunting and fishing, plays with me, helps me learn new things, talks to me, takes me to movies, and works hard to make money so I can go places and learn about many things. I love my dad. He is a good man. He cares a lot about me and my sister. I am glad that my dad is my dad.


My uncle was my surrogate 'dad' in my father's absence. He taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to do and never give up. But best of all, he taught me to always be there for someone else in need.

Dawn Findahl

My Dad taught me about hard-work and patience. These values have brought me a log way in these rough times. I now am able to teach these values to my children and teach them the value of perseverance and hard work.

Colton Herbold

It is so hard to share how much my dad means to me in a comment box and adequately do him justice:)My dad has coached my football and baseball teams ever since I was in kindergarten. He has dedicated so much time and effort into making me a better athlete and most of all leader. He is always there with encouragement and when I get down he lifts me up. He has a full time job and farms too. But he still finds time to spend family time with me and my sister. I look up to him for his the love and devotion he gives us and to our mom. He always lets us know each day that he loves us and that means so much to me because many of my friends do not have dads like him. I thank God for him everyday!

Sarah Edwards

Our Dad has been an inspiration to so many. He got disabled in 1995,but that didn't stop him from providing for his family. He works hard everyday.He has inspired my siblings and I to always do our best and never quit.Being disabled phisically didn't disable him as a parent.He attends everything we do and is very supportive. I am a junior in college now,due to his support,love and determination to strive higher. Thanks Dad!

Nancy Seagle

I lost my Dad in 1985. He was the best. A day never goes by that I take the time to think of him and talk to him...But I have been blessed. My oldest son is a Super Dad. He reminds me of my Dad in so many ways. His two children are his world. He does without for them. I'm always looking out for him at yard sales for his boots and shirts as I am disabled and not financially able to help him out. I'd love to be able to present him with a new pair of boots for Father's Day. I thank GOD,my heavenly Father, for these 2 great earthly fathers I have been blessed with.

Derek Waters

My Dad teaches me things daily. He has taught me to be respectful of All people. We are a farming family so teaching my brother and I to run the farm equipment has been one of the things he has had to have a lot of patience with. He takes to time to explain how things are supposed to work. He has taught us that play time comes after the work is done. I hope he is proud of me and hopefully I will grow up and be able to be the Father he is.

Lori Jenkins

My father has taught me so many things over the years. Honor, courage, commitment. He has given me, my love of horses. He suffered through many a hot summer afternoon, lending a hand at our local horse club, to help run our shows. Something I didn't appreciate until I had my own child.

My father is one of the few left of the great generation. He fought in the Pacific during WWII. His retelling of the horrors (and blessings) that he endured during his time in the Marine Corps, still bring tears to his eyes. My father is not large in stature, but he has the heart of a giant. He has given me a love of country and the understanding that freedom comes at a high price. He is a great man.

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