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Soft Jamb

Thanks for your informational blog. I am also animal lover and produces like Animal health products, iodine wound spray, chlorhexidine, poultry drinking water supplement, navel dip spray, mineral oil, gentle iodine spray, Isopropyl Alcohol Wholesale etc.

Randy Gamble

I've had two major experiences with vetericyn. Had a colt that ran through a webwire fence and stuck a metal fence post into his chest. Took him to vet and got it sewn up. About 30 stiches. Needless to say they broke loose the next day. I started washing in out each day with water and spraying the vetericyn on it after it partially dried. It was amazing. You could actually see the wound healing from the inside each day. Within two weeks it was completely closed up. within a month, no scar or anything . A true miracle treatment . The other time my stud hung his shoulder on a piece of metal. Tore about a 16 inch circle of skin off. Vetericyn to the rescue again. Healed up and all the hair came back. Vetericyn is my No.1 medicine.

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Alecia Daniel

I use it for wound care on my horses.


I've been using Vetericyn on a cat with a non-healing axillary wound from an embedded flea collar. Months of treatments using other medications and 3 surgical procedures couldn't heal this wound, but with Vetericyn, we're finally making progress & it's looking great!

Barb Neiderhiser

I've used Vetricyn for a variety of uses with my boer goats and Great Pyrenees. This has cleared Pink Eye quickly and the goat seemed to find the ointment soothing. I've used the wound gel for cuts and for skin conditions with good success. I've recommended it to friends as well. A great product for animal care. Should be in everyone's animal medicine cabinet.

Cheryl Allie

We have used Vetericyn on a regular basis for all the scrapes, eye infections, and wounds that come up with our horse, cattle, goats, and dogs. It is our main line of defense in our animal first aid kit.

Marie Winn

I used Vetericyn at my Vets recommendation for a mare recovering from Colic surgery. It was sprayed on 2X daily with dressing changes on the incision under her bellyband. I was amazed at how quickly it improved her incision site and there was no signs of infection of the incision after we started useing it. I keep it on hand now and tell everyone that its worth every penny.

Kristen Hammer

I use this product on my dog for skin conditions and wound treatments. I also use Vetericyn on my horses for wounds, various skin conditions,sanitizing saddle pads ,wraps,splint boots etc.

Michele Delanty

I use this product of various skin conditions and minor wounds on my goats.

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