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Lynn Carradine-Hailey

We own working American Bulldogs and due to their high pain tolerance and all out attitude, they tend to injure themselves all the time. Recently we used the Wound & Infection Spray on a burn from a bark collar that occured suddenly after about an hour of usage on a particularyly stubborn male. Because of the area of the burn, his buckle collar rubbed the burn and within a day it was oozing even after treatment with antibiotic ointment. I remembered that we had some vetericyn and decided to try using the spray instead and within 2 days, new skin has formed and it looks awesome!! I will always throw a bottle in my truck and keep one around the house for future use!! Great Product especially for my wild guys!!

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Shirley Riebold

We had a horse that got cut up. Laid his face open from the center of the skull to his eye and his shoulder was open from the top inside of his leg to the outside. He was doctored for one month morning and night with vetericyn wound and infection and opthalmic gel. (Nothing else.) He healed with no noticable scars and not a lame step. We recommend vetericyn to everyone and anyone who has animals.

Erika Kimmel

The first time I saw your product it was at Sunset Feed and Supply in Miami. I was skeptical about this product since it looked like water, they also carry the gel form.
Our paint mare had extensive, invasive perianal cancer that was identified as a squmous cell carcinoma. We eventually had a total resection of this mass along with the surrounding infected tissue. We brought her to the Palm Beach Equine Clinic on November 17, 2011. She had surgery on November 19. One of the first things we were given to care for this post op wound, which was a huge gaping open wound, was the liquid form of your product. We were instructed to gently wash out this surgical wound, carefully pat the area "dry" and not to do anything else except spray this product into the wound twice a day.
I photograped this process from the first day we picked her up to bring her home, with the first photos taken at the hospital on November 26, 2011 until full closure of this wound was achieved by January 4, 2012. This was aproximately 47 days after surgery. Our mare remained hospitalized for about 10 days.
What is important to stress is the massive open surgical wound that was necessary to remove tumor and the surrounding infected tissue.
I photograped this area daily then every three or four days as the wound continued to close and have documented this in book form. Her anus had been dramatically displaced to the right side and postioned downwards as the tumor continued to grow. Despite this she was able to pass manure, seemingly without difficulty. As this wound closed, her anus returned to an essentially normal anatomical position, slightly recessed. Our vet was pleased with how the wound had healed, he told us that he thought that this would happen as the wound closed.There is far more to this situation than I can write here. For the record we had been bringing our mare to this hospital for intermittant cryosurgery procedures with the idea of reducing the size of this tumor prior to any other procedures that would be indicated. She was treated for infections and received pain medication on a regular basis. As she recovered she was allowed to come and go when and where ever she wanted to. We hoped to have her for many more years but eventually she succumbed to the cancer as it had spread. Our family will always miss her as she was very special. The fact remains that this product, by promoting such rapid healing, was responsible for improving the quality of her life since as she healed, she began to resume her normal activities, that is, the kids no longer rode her, she became their playmate instead.

MIchele Claire McRoberts Brice

I use veterycin for my horses scraps, bite wounds almost daily!

Lindsey Selucky

We use these awesome products on our horses cuts, scrapes, and just about everything! There really isn't a use that Vetericyn can't be used for!!!

Stephanie Mishoe

I use the vetericyn on my horses for fly bites. I also used it on a bloodhound that I rescued. His skin was horrible and he had the mange. THe vetericyn calmed his skin and helped his hair grow back after the treatments at the vet.

Karri Koelling

We have used vetericyn on deep puncture wounds on horses, pink eye in cattle, and general minor wound care on horses and mules. We just love the product. We always keep some on hand.


i have used the Vetericyn wound care on the horses, goats, chickens and is the only product i now keep on the ranch

Linda McNamar

No, i have not tried these products yet,
but would be interested.

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