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Sherry Patterson

Worked great on a fungal spot on my horse where other products didn't clear it up!


We've got 3 horses that are our pride n' joy and we just got our dream place in April. I wish I would have known about your products at our last boarding facility. We were at the mercy of what we could get off the self at our local feed stores or ordered on line. Some times they worked ok and other times........... they were just money wasted, AGAIN! We never really found anything that we were excited about. I seen your product online and read the reviews. My husband and I were so excited that we cleaned out our tack room of all the "money lost" products and purchased your wound care. We're hoping it will be the ONLY wound care we buy. If this works we'll be buying all your products for our first aid kit.


As a horse rescue operation, Vetericyn is effective and safe to use on the various wounds we come across. Often times we are unable to safely handle the horse we are treating at the time and Vetericyn allows us to clean and medicate the wound without having to get near a back leg or use a water hose.

Marcia (Dillard) Siers

Last fall my Grand Champion AQHA Halter Gelding A Cool Sweet Chip, severely cut his forearm open. I immediately treated the wound with Vetericyn VF! Flushing the wound with clean water and spraying Vetericyn VF on the wound three times a day, my "Chipper" has recovered this terrible accident with only a small scar!! Thanks to Vetericyn, we are back in the winners circle! :)
p.s. I have before and after pictures, if you wish to see the amazing results!

Lisa Bonser

Vetericyn is the only wound care we keep in our barn. We use it on the horses, dogs, cats, chickens and turkies. We recommend it to everyone we know no matter what size their animal. It has worked on every wound, scratch, rash, skin irritation we has used it on. I wouldnt use anything else!

Amy Timbers

Vetericyn works quickly on my cattle.

Denise Withrow

I use Vetericyn in my horse barn for a variety of things that may come up... Navel cord treatment, cuts, abrasions, rope burns, rain scald, scratches, and etc.... the possibilities are endless

Pam Klonaris

Love Vetericyn! I use it on the horses, particularly for scratches and other fungal or other types of skin problems and injuries. I even used it on myself when I cut my finger pretty badly. Worked great on keeping infection away (even among a dirty barn environment - was at a week long horse show right after the cut happenned) and helped to speed healing!

Farah Hannevig

Vetericyn worked great on my horses ears for bug bites and for cuts and scrapes due to my very curious young TB. It also worked well on my barn cats fighting injuries and my pretty deep slice from a cat that bled immediately. It worked right away to help stop the bleeding and close it up quickly!I have to agree on the hydrogel also! It works to stay put and keep the wound protected and heal from the inside out like no other. Thank you Vetericyn!

Kelly Smith

With dogs, horses, and goats, someone is always in need of vetericyn. Currently, eye issues are our biggest problem....

Sharon Burdick

I haven't used Vetericyn yet but am eager to give it a try.

Kathy M

Our latest use was on a batch of orphan kittens we received with their eyes mattered shut. I soaked them and cleaned them with Vetericyn on some gauze, then applied it twice the next day and all 4 kittens eyes were clear and bright with no more sign of infection.


This stuff works great! Use it on my daughters rabbits and lamb. It healed our lambs tail doc area super fast. Works great on our rabbits eyes.


We use Vetericyn in a rescue gelding's eye...he had a sqamous cell tumor removed from his eyelid..and after his chemo treament the eye was
cleaned and helped heal it.(should see the before and after photos)
Also used on another mare for a fungus on her back and legs.. that cleared up completely in a few days. Thanks.

Gale Etherton

We use Vetericyn on all our animals. For our alpacas we have used it in on bare noses, ears or sores on their feet. With our great pyrenees (who are the guard dogs of the alpacas) we use very often on various wounds, cuts, sores, etc. and with our barn cats we have been very successful in healing their wounds with Vetericyn Wound Spray. This is a great product to add to all Farm medicine cabinets and we appreciate the great quality and healing power it gives us in caring for our animals. Blessings, Gale

Sharon Hannas

I was just introduced to Vetricyn by a friend who uses it on all her animals when the need for wound care arises. She said she would not be without it and I now keep it in my vet supply box also.

Tarena Klee

I used vetericyn on the old horse at the barn this year when he lost his hair to rain rot. Within days the hair was growing back and his skin cleared up! it worked GREAT!

Veda Pierstorff

I first seen vetericyn on RFD TV and decided i needed to have some around the barn for my horses and dogs. My 28 year old horse cut his eye lid. I immediately got it out and started spraying his eye twice a day.... in less than a week the wound was well and no infection, what a relief that was. Now I keep a bottle of vetericyn in the barn, in the trailer, in the house, and in my truck. VETERICYN is AWESOME!!!

Henry Choren

This is a unique product with excellent results on all animals with any type of scrapes, infections, cuts and surgeries. I trully recomend it.

Connie Epperson

We love Vetrycin! One of the very best products to come out in the last few years. We use it on horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, and even ourselves!!

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