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Marci Johnson

I haven't used Vetericyn yet but would love to try it. The horses are always coming in from the pasture with cuts and scrapes.

Carmen Nelson

Vetericyn is a great product. We have used the eye ointment on cats, dogs, and horses with great success! We have used the wound spray to treat ALL wounds our ranch horses. (Some cuts are pretty gnarly!) It heals quicker than other products we have tried. No stinging. Awesome product line!

Dorothy Queen

Just used Vetricyn on my 28 year old mare that had a leg wound that was just festering and would not heal. It healed in 3 days!

Lori Weekley

The hydrogel is my favorite! I recently had a friend borrow some for her dog with a skin irritation, she said it was the 1st treatment that worked for him. Thanks for a great product!

Robin O'Mara

I use Vetericyn on my six horses and my dogs. It has proven to work wonderful. I have also shared with a friend that was in need of help with a bad cut on his horse. He also is now a believer in Vetericyn.

Sue Reardon

i use it mostly on my dog. I have an 8yr old german shepherd and she has allergies so she gets hot spots on her sides, i simply spray on Vetericyn on a couple of times a day and it clears up..I use it on my horse on occasion when she gets a minor cut or love love Vetericyn one of the best products out there.

Laura Brown

I have used Vetericyn on my dogs, my horse and my goat and even myself. Love it, the eye drops work so fast!

Penny Lillis

I use Vetricyn on my goats, horses, dogs for minor eye and skin injuries, fungus and even on myself for a bee sting.

Nancy Price

Vetericyn is the best product that I have ever used on my Arabian horse who has allergies and gets mung on his face every year. I use it twice daily on his face and he no longer has a problem with the mung. I also used it to keep flies off my mares naval that gets a sore spot on it when she rolls back and forth to scratch it. Now that I spray her naval each day with Vetericyn she no longer has a sore spot on her naval and the flies are gone from that area. I also use it for any cuts on our horses and use it on one of our dogs that has a skin problem. I would not be without Vetericyn. This product is amazing.

Ruth Robertson

I have an aged black lab with a dry irritated skin. I would like to try the Vetricyn Hydrogel to see if this gives him relief.

Cal Long

Here on my west Texas ranch, I keep 10 horses, a small herd of cattle and 5 cow dogs. With that many animals, plus the terrain, I have plenty of cuts, scrapes and abrasions to deal with. On the advice of my veterinarian, Vetericyn is my answer to any of these that do not require sutures. Even when sutures are required, Vetericyn is my healing agent of choice.

Sean Goodwin

Anytime I see an animal with a cut, scrape or hot spot I grab the Vetricyn. With goats,dogs and chickens we get that opportunity too often.

Jane Gholson

We used Vetericin on a 2 year old's cannon bone injury that was showing sinew and bone. Most of the flesh had been torn away so there was nothing to sew up. With a pressure bandage and lots of time, she now has only a small scar that did not grow back hair. We are currently using it on a 3 year old stud we had gelded just before this 100 degree weather set in. He has had no infection problems at all despite the weather. It is a wonderful product!

Elizabeth Pursian

I have never used these products before but would love to give them a try, I am always looking for better products.

kristi anderson

I just brought the gel cause the horse cut his nose. awesome product. This product works for everything I loveIT!!!!

Rebecca Cummins

I use it on both the dogs and horses. My mare in particular has a skin disease and the wound spray clears up almost all of her breakouts. I've also used the pinkeye treatment on cattle.

Jane Stevenson

I truely believe that vetericy is a miracle product. It has saved the wellbeing of so many animals on my farm its hard to describe. I have a horse who is accident prone. Twice vetericyn has repaired him to top form. Once with only a minor scar from a wound of over 18 inches long and 3 inches deep. Currently we are using it to heal a top dairy show goat from a mysterious but harsh wound on her side, again with no scaring. We use it on all the animals: dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, cattle, swine. I won't be without it on my farm its that good.

Jana Hamilton

Best wound care EVER!!! Love the ease of use and horses seem not to mind. Like its soothing and not stinging the wound.


I've used Vetericyn on cuts, scrapes, skin infections, rashes, you name it. I own 10 horses and we barrel race in rodeos. So its a great thing to have while out on the road or at home. Love it!

Jane Prottsman

I have used Vetericyn on my dogs and horses. Wonderful product! I will continue to use it.

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