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Anita Bridgewaters

I started my 32 year old quarter horse on Cosequin (powder) a couple of years ago. He has arthritis in both front knees. It wasn't long before he was cantering and sometimes running around the pasture. I don't know how he would get around without it. I also started my two 13 year dogs on (tablets) a couple of months ago as they were getting arthritis. Since they have been on Cosequin, they both started acting like imuch younger dogs. Thank you for making such a great product. My horse and dogs thank you also.

Walter Radziszewski

Cosequin joint support supplements are great for dogs with arthritis. My 10 year old english bulldog has been taking them with great results. Now he can play and keep up with my american bully and pit bully.

jeff swanson

Cosequin has greatly improved the vitality of my two pit mixes. Theyre able to hike longer, faster, and more comfortably. They love the soft chews and dermaquin. They started on the bonelets years ago before we transitioned to the other products. I purchase cosequin because I see results and trust the company/product. It gives my dogs what they need to stay active, healthy and happy.

Emily siffert

My family has an older horse and he is great to ride and we would love to be able to ride him for many more year and this would help us do so!

Faye Deutsch

I would like to try this product for myself and my animals

Tracy Stroud

My horse developed Ringbone. Just started
the Cosequin. I hope this works for him.
He is already not showing as much lameness.
He has only been on it about 4 weeks. He is my best friend, so I will try about anything to make him feel better. Sad part is he is only 8 years old. Wish me luck!!!

Debra Stark

My 18 year old mule was shaking his head when he went downhill. I thought it was a saddle fitting problem. After 2 different saddle fittings, I had him x-rayed and we found arthritis in his pasterns. After 2 months on Cosequin ASU, he is going downhill (and uphill) like a champ. No more discomfort and no more head tossing. Anybody want to buy a slightly used mule saddle?

Mason  Loh

My 5 year old Newfoundland / Retriever mix rescue had ACL knee surgery from a torn ligament . after 15 weeks she was still limping when she should have been completely heal. vet prescribe consequin & more exercise to build muscle. after only 1 week she improve so much as to no limping at all when she gets up in the morning .so now she is practically completely heal, thanks to Consequin. Thanks very much for helping my stress level for the last 3 month's.
Mason Loh & Mollie NYC

Kris Myhre

My daughter's horse has developed some lameness recently and was given injections. I would like to try cosequin to see if that would help her.

Sue Hooper

My yellow lab had hip surgery for displasia and Cosequin helped make her much more comfortable afterwards and helped with the pain in her unaltered hip.

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