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Karen Barber

I have 3 horses and one dog on cosequin. In one year, 2 of my horses lost their sight in one eye and one of these lost both eyes. They both are a bit stiff as i do not ride them any more and are getting older. I also have a pony with founder issues and an older mare that is also on cosequin. All of my horses are on cosequin optimized with MSM. My dog is 7 and he was born with a bone issue which required surgery as a pup. I put him on cosequin now that he is older and he acts like a puppy again. Even my older and site challenged horses are kicking up their hooves. Thank you.


My 10 1/2 year old husky mix gets up easier now and walks without a limp. She was feeling so good that she jumped off the deck, never hitting a step, following our 1 year old rescue out in the yard. She hit the ground running and I just knew she hurt herself. She limped a little when she came back but that didn't last long.

Peggy Lusk

I use Cosequin for my eight year old Blue Heeler and my 20 year old QH mare. Blue Heelers love to play and very active dogs and after one day of lots of play my dog Angel could barely walk. I would have to pick her up to put her in a vehicle and it just broke my heart. I started using Cosequin chewable tables plus MSM and it has made a world of difference for her. I can take her for horse rides with me again and she jumps in the pickup without help. My 20 year old QH mare has joints that pop as she walks. Again Cosequin has made her life and ours comfortable and pain free. We are hoping to be able to use her for years to come with the help of Cosequin.


I have a 3yr old - 120lb. Great Dane/ Shepard mix. He tore his ligement in his knee. The vet gave us 3 options #1 sugery @$5,000. +/- to repair but didn't have much hope for that because the other knee was not real strong. #2 was amputate #3 was euthnasia. I said no to all 3, asked for some pain medication and started him on my horses Cosequin. After a few months of keeping him as quite as possible he was getting better. Now a year later he can run and play with my Jack Russell just fine.


I can't write enough about Cosequin & Cosamin for animals & humans, I have been on it for 15 years, my horse for 10 yrs & I recently put my dog on the chewables with msm- all of us have benefit from the joint relief. I have a horse with a very crooked leg & the benefit of cosequin has kept the rest of his body flexible & allowed him to maneuver on 3 legs. He is one happy guy.

Traci Leigh

I manage an Equine Assisted Therapy Program for special needs children in Crystal Lake, IL and our horses work very hard to keep all of our children happy and strong. So, to maintain our horses health, we have been using Cosequin Equine Supplements for years and continue to do so with confidence. I just love this product and our horses feel fantastic! Thank you Cosequin from Nutramax!!

Chris Nichols

I have experienced many health issues with my 13 yr old QH, including Lyme disease,COPD, and a neck sprain! I put him on Cosequin this Spring and I was able to compete for the first time in 3 years! Riding is fun again!


My horse has a hip that used to give out on him and seize up. I love the Cosequin ASU formula for him, it seems to work the most effectively! Thanks to this product, my horse has had better quality of life far longer!


Have given Cosequin to our 29yr old Quarter horse gelding. Helps him with is arthritis so the kids can enjoy him trail riding.

Christine Darmon

My 21 year old horse, Copper, has been using Cosequin ASU daily. Helps him stay more comfortable with his arthritis. He loves to go on trail rides and does not want to be left behind.


My 6 year old Rottie has been using Cosequin DS and I have seen DRASTIC improvements.

He was diagnosed with severe arthritis/hip dysplacia at the age of 3. However, since being on Cosequin, he his mobility has increased, he goes up and down the stairs, runs and plays outside, his mood is playful and he is less 'lazy'.

Valen Cook

I have not had the chance to use Consequin on my horses yet. I feel that it would be great for my Breakaway horse and my husbands Pick up Horses! All of them are over 10 years of age and could use a little help I am sure.

Jersey Matthews

Well i have not used them before but i would like to try them to be honest... i would love to win an give my horses a try on this. thank you.


had an old dog with real hip problems
he was dumped on us so we did not have any
history on his breed.
this helped him live a more contented and comfortable life.

Cherry Evans

We have used Cosequin several years on my 30 yr old quarter horse. She has problems with her knees due to a fall and this is the only product we have found that helps with her joint pain.
Thanks cosequin!


Wow! All great successes! Follow Cosequin on Facebook for cool info, photos, giveaways & more! (the page name is Cosequin)
Thanks to our friends at Valley Vet!

Mitzi Brooks

My German Shepherd chipped her knee 1 yr ago. We tried many types of medications, but it wasn't until I tried Cosequin DS that she showed significant improvement.
Now 1 pill a day for maintainence and you can't even tell she had an injury !
I tell everyone to try Cosequin for their dogs joints.

Debbie Marshall

I have not used Cosequin but have heard good things about it. I have an 8 year old Rottie that has seizures and is getting weak in the hind end and I have one of her puppies that just turned a year old in March that I'm pretty sure has hip issues already. I would love to try it on them to see if it helps.

Kris Keating

I have a 13 year old QH that has recently been diagnosed with slight arthritis in his hind hocks and this has done wonders to keep him comfortable and able to be worked. I love this stuff!

jamie king

i give cosequin to my 6 year old lab/chow mix with bad hips, you could tell the difference right away once i started giving it to him he gets around much better and he not so stiff after getting up any more. i also give cosequin to my 18 year old retired barrel horse who i just trail ride now and you can tell he gets around better and is not as sore with it. my vet also told me to start feeding it to my 10 year old 16'2 hand barrel horse who came off the track he is not bad but he was starting to get a little arthritis on his ankles whitch larger horses do, you cant tell a big difference but i think it is helping him. i just love cosequin i recommend it to everyone!

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