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My 16 year old Missouri Fox Trotter went lame this spring. I had her hocks injected and within a month she was lame again. I started using Cosequin and within a couple of weeks I noticed a huge difference. Now 3 months later she is back to her "Fox Trotting" self. I wish I would have know to try Cosequin first. It really works great.


My horse had swollen stifle joints and since starting her on Cosequin, we've seen a reduction in swelling and she's able to perform better again. She also loves the apple flavor. Yum!

lisa gomez

my mixed breed dog has hip displasia and now she is moving much better even sleeping better. she used to wake me up several times a night. thanks for cosequin

Ann Saavedra

When they first came out with the product I started to use it myself. My Rottweiler was born with hip dysplasia and I gave it to him. I have two aged horses and an aged Pug who I also give it to. Cosequine will always be a part of the lives of my animals and myself. Thank you.

Janet Fields

Cosequin has enabled my 19 yr old best friend Hanoverian x Tb to keep jumping and galloping. He keeps me sane in this wacky world. I couldn;t do it without him.


The Cosequin ASU is the absolute best product of its kind!! I have won 5 races since I have started using it on my Thoroughbreds. It really makes a huge difference!! Thanks Cosequin

barb marguriet

my bernese mtn dog has problems with his hips. he has been on cosequine ds for the last 6 months with much improvement. he would cry just getting up off the floor or when out for a walk would just lay around. he was on other arthritis medicine which did not help at all but cosequine ds did the trick.

Kirsten Smith

I was introduced to the wonderful results of Cosequin products when my vet suggested one of our boarded horses be put on Cosequin ASU. The change was amazing from a horse who stumbled to a horse with a smooth, confident walk. I was sold on it and now use many of the cosequin products. Love them all!


My 17-year old horse was diagnosed with advanced arthritis in his hind hocks. Since supplementing with Cosequin, he's been hurting less and I've been riding more! It's been fabulous. He even did a happy-buck just the other day. Thanks to Cosequin I will continue to ride my most favorite sweetest boy.

Sandi barnes

I fell in love with my walking horse Sadie 4 years ago. Two years later she started falling on her front and sometimes all 4 knees while we were riding the trails. This is quite hard to ride and causes a lot of worry about her well being. My vet suggested Cosequin, and by the brand because he said I could beleive that it contained the ingredients the label said it contained. Well, I started using it right away and the falling stopped, along with the cracking and grinding noises her legs used to make. I love the stuff. Sadie would say they same if she could talk!

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