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Bluh Bluh What

Warm, comfort, durable, well fitting


We use a winter blanket every year on our senior gelding. Mostly they get torn each year. The waterproof one's are great as long as they are made well. Often times we pay for what looks good, only to find out that they just won't hold up. The one from Valley Vet that we did have worked great for a couple of years. I guess you get what you pay for .

Wayne Knopsnyder

I look for a well made, durable, waterproof blanket for our senior gelding. He has had a rough life and we want to take the best care of him that we can. Many of the blankets we've had before look good in the beginning , but soon get tore or slip off of him , requiring us to readjust often. Quality is very important to us.

Rebecca Pace

I look for durability in turnout blankets. It must be warm, waterproof, and be able to stand up to the elements. Good fit is a must for comfort and sturdiness.

Marina HerbertSchwarz

I look for durability, comfy fit (especialy around the neck), adjustments, type/location of fastenings, breathability, price and color.

joe shepherd

a good heavy duty blanket that my horse would enjoy

leslie barlow

i am so weird about my horse she is like my house pet i want her to be comfortable if she is happy i am happy. Its like people with there dogs horse people are that way with there horses. i blanket all the time and want to make sure she has a a blanket that is good color and fits great

Betty Mysak

I have two very different horses. One is 36 yr old Qtr horse who needs more blanketing most of the year & the other is an 8 yr old Friesian Sport horse,whom I don't need to blanket as much, but some things are basic for me in horse blankets. I typically look for at least 1200 denier or higher for durability and they have to be waterproof & breathable, so the horse can dry out if they run around and get sweaty, but will stay dry on wet or snowy days. I like a detatchable hood, so I have the choice if the weather is a little milder. I very much prefer clips on my chest straps instead of the buckle type because that way once you adjust the straps, it fits perfect each time with less fuss.Elastic leg straps are a must, although I have gotten good quality blankets without them and just replace with elastic type. Shoulder gussets are also important in my blankets. I buy sheets for Spring & Summer, medium weight blankets for early Spring/late Fall and Heavy weight blankets with an additional polarfleece under them if needed for our cold Washington Winters. Color is not horribly important to me as long as the blanket fits well & doesn't move around or drape to one side if they are active.Removable tail flaps are nice, but not real important. Because of my horse's different builds, the Qtr horse does well with the high neck type blankets, but the upright confirmation of the Friesian Sport horse make the high neck very irritating to her, so I use regular neck or even cut back type of neck line.

Linda  English

I Look for something warm, water proof, good for strong wind and of course comfortable. I love my horses and I want them to be protected.

Leah Pauls

Durability for the guy who rubs holes in everything.

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