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Linae Wright

I look for sturdy denier outershell and warmth in the blankets I buy. It needs to be waterproof and fit well. I also tend to like those that have a neck cover built in or come with the blanket. My two mares are so hard on blankets, I'd rather spend a little more on a brand I can trust because I once bought a blanket lower in denier count and it lasted less than a week...I woke up one morning to have it in tiny pieces throughout the paddock. The ones they are currently using somehow made it through last winter and I hope they last this one as well.

Rosa Bolt

I look for something waterproof that will fit properly and be comfortable for my girls.

Clara Caso

When choosing a blanket, price is a consideration, I look for a Comfortable fit, being lightweight to the horse, durability to certain weather conditions (I live in Miami, Fl), and definitely a cool design. I want my horses to look fun and carefree.....the way they are intended to be :)

Lori Hahn Wiedemeier

I look for blankets that are waterproof and breathable. My horses are outside and these are the most important requirements to keep them comfortable.

Stacy E.

I look for a good durable blanket- warmth and a comfortable fit- being in North Dakota we have a 28 year old gelding who loves to be able to be warm in the winter!

donnie sherrill

I have three rescues blankets are expensive would love to get one thank you

Roxann Rider

good fit , durable & waterproof and warm

Judy Winslow

I look for a decent quality waterproof lined blanket that fits properly so it stays in place at a fair price.

Nikki Milligan

I look for safety, do not want one that will easily slip and slide around or have straps that do not adjust correctly in order to keep my horses from possibly getting their legs caught. I look for durability and it definitely has to be water proof. I actually wrap them around myself before I put them on any of my horses, because if it doesn't keep me warm and dry then I am surely not going to be putting it on my babies. But it also needs to have room for them to move and vent so they don't get stuffy in the blanket. Lastly, I love some color(: so I tend to purchase blankets that are bright colored or ones that have cute bright designs.

Lesley Dumais

I look for durability and price.

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