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Traher Albright

When you have 11 horses cost is a huge factor. When I look for a blanket I am looking for the best blanket for my money I want something that will last more than one season of horsing around in the muck. The blanket must be warm and water resitant while allowing for freedom of movement. My horses have large chests and need something with good shoulder freedom I like a hi neck that doesn't put preassure on the withers. I look forward to testing these blankets on my herd.


I look for a waterproof, fleece lined blanket. I prefer a tough outer shell to withstand the playful nips! I also like the blankets with extra length as I have pretty tall horses.

Lynn Dean

I am looking for fit, durability and good design.

Marie Craig

I look for a blanket to be waterproof, durable, not rub my horse and that will stay on! One that "breathes" and is comfortable for my horse is a big plus. I like good strong shoulder gussets and for it to be well suited for a horse that is going to be moving around a lot. Most important, I need a blanket that is sturdy, does it's job well and is reasonably priced.

Gail McNally

I look for a good fit. one that doesn't hinder my horse's movement. Durability and toughness. My horses will lay down in then so I want then to stay in place and not get in the way of their legs when walking and/or running. I want an attractive blanket - I look for color and design. My horses are like my Dogs and I like then to "look nice". :O) And of course I look for the cost. I live in Florida and don't have alot of winter weather. But want them handy when they need protection.


I look for water proof, tear resistant, shoulder gussets, some poly fill and a high neck line. Needs to have leg straps, open front, and belly straps.

hope I win :)

Kathleen Byrd

I look for proper fit, safety, durability, warmth and of course, fashion! It must be reasonably priced. Fun colors and patterns are a must during winter!

Lori Halligan

What I look for in a blanket is something that fits without rubbing, and one that is waterproof and moves with my horse. My horses tend to be tough on thier blankets so it also has to be durable. I would also like something that is going to give me more than a few years of good service.

Joyce Edwards

I live in ND so warmth is a huge factor. I also look for a blanket that is sturdy and a comfortable fit for our older gelding. THANKS

Michelle Scott

I look for a durable well fitting blanket.

Kelly Maisch

Durable and waterproof. My horses are outside and these two are the requirements I look for in my search for a good blanket.

Lydia Ware

I look for a blanket to be waterproof, be durable, and not rub my horse. I like there to be shoulder gussets and it to be all around well suited for a horse that is going to be moving around a lot, so it can't limit mobility. Mostly I just like a blanket that is sturdy, comfortable, and does it's job well.

 Kyt Eubanks

The most important thing I look for in a blanket is fit. No two horses are made alike so blankets that offer a lot of adjustment are perfect for my horses.

Deborah Fraley

I look for a good fit, warmth, waterproof, and durability. It should be easy to put on, and stay properly positioned.

Amy Lorenzen

I look for a durable blanket that will stay on! Also, one that "breathes" and is comfortable for my horse. Easy to get on and off if needed is also important.

Deirdre Monroe

I like a good looking blanket with lots of shoulder movement and a blanket that extends up the neck, with an integral hood.

Danielle Munoz

I work at English barn. So when we blanket during the winter holidays what we look for is a absolute fit before putting the blanket it on. Make sure it not rubbing his shoulders and has enough room to move around. Then we make sure all of the straps and buckles are probley placed. As we want make sure the horse is very happy with his blanket. When buying a blanket I have always measure horse first and then compare my measurements to the blanket measurements to ensure a good fit. My horse and I would really enjoy this blanket as he got epm last year and sell lots of his tack and stuff to afford his medications. He did make a full recovery and but know he has no blanket for winter.

Laura Ketchum

I look for durability and warmth. My horses are rough on their blankets. We live in Michigan,so warmth is a big factor


first: it has to be waterproof (most important)
second: it has to be warm enough
third: it has to be available in the right size and fit well
fourth: it has to be sturdy and made well
fifth: i like "loud" colors, like hot pink, lime and orange for safety (as my pasture is partly wooded and it is hunting season!)

Tina Halverson

What I look for in a horse blanket is , cost, and durability.

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