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karyn patrick

I love these blankets because they wear well I don't have to buy one every year or 2 I have had the turn out blanket for 4 years and my QTR Blaze is tough on his blanket. I was really amazed at how long it has lasted and it still looks pretty nice and they stitching is still good and solid.That's what I look for in horse products and I found it in this company's blankets. Thanks

Donna Smith

I currently have a 29 year old quarter horse gelding whom I want to start glanketing during the day while he is outside. He is stalled at night. I have never blanketed before,but I feel at his age with arthritis etc this would keep him more comfortable while being outside

Linda Meng

My horse loves to play. So I look for a well fitting blanket that he won't get his feet tangled up in. I want a blanket that doesn't rub. I also look for a blanket that will last for multiple seasons, so it needs to wear and wash well.

Mary Holm

I look for a blanket that will work for my climate and my will fit my horse well one that is easy to clean has to be waterproof or easy to waterproof one that can fit my budget is a plus. I like a blanket to have options of adding a hood to it and stay on when a horse rolls or lays down color choice not as important as fit and durability is.

Beth Harries

I look for quality and workmanship that will ideally provide years of service and comfort for my horses.

lisa champion

My horses love to romp and roll in their blankets, so durability and fit is a must for them. The closed front blankets seem to appeal to my horses' characteristics better too.

Sylvia Howell

I would love to find a blanket that fits correctly and that has leg straps that last!! I prefer the seamless back and also, it would be nice if the blanket would not rub at the withers!! :) Thank You!!

Kirsty Gibbs

My horse is one of those trouble makers who enjoys destroying his blankets when he gets too warm in them. So besides a good fit and durable hardware, I look for blankets that are well waterproofed and breathable. If it isn't breathable it won't last through the fall, let alone multiple years.

Lyla Spencer

I am looking for a blanket that will keep my sweet old senior dry and warm during our cold Utah winters, with a good fit and style!!

Debi Wallis

I look for my horse in each blanket. Mine need a blanket for their turnout not to be cooped up all winter with extra warmth with the durability to match running and playing, and in their stalls a lighter blanket, they need protection from all the elements. Overall flexibility, durability, and safety to keep them cozy and happy for sure. Pretty designs and colors are good too.

Greg Boll

I look for a tough, waterproof exterior & prefer some of the lighter blankets (in warmth) so that my horse doesn't sweat. I'd rather add a fleece cooler underneath for additional warmth if the weather is really cold.

Terri Wimer

When I purchase blankets, I look for durability; something that will hold up to our Wyoming wind and driving snow! Therefore it also needs to be waterproof or water resistant at the very least! Of course good design that won't rub and make sores at the withers, with good straps and fasteners is always a must. I also like tail flaps and a longer drop on the sides for extra protection.

Patti E.

I just read through all of the comments posted earlier from others who would love to win that blanket and I doubt that I could top what they've all said jointly. I have three horses. They are the one thing that keep me from "going over the edge". I try to care for them in the best way possible seeing as they put it ALL out there for ME. Their safety and care is my concern. Strong straps, durability, comfort, washable, breathable, are all things I'm interested in. My horses roll in their blankets and I want them to be safe when they do. That all being said...., you are only giving away one blanket so there will be many of us trying to say just the right thing. I'll put that blanket to good use and I'll go on telling all of my friends to check out the Valley Vet Website. You have no idea how many people I've sent your way. I appreciate the good deals and the promotions you offer. Thanks!

Tracey Keeler

I blanket 30-40 horses each year, all outside privately owned client horses on my boarding farm. In order to be able to re-use blankets year after year, durability and ability to stay waterproof are my primary concern. Blankets must also not create more issues by causing the horses harm or be hard to put on. Good fit and no rubs are important, but if you buy the proper size and the lining is a quality material, these issues can be eliminated.

Amber Clark

I look for a good fit and it has to be waterproof. Also we like to use material that is not real noisy. Makes putting it on our horses alot easier. All five of ours love blankets.

Su Flanders

I look for a blanket that is durable, breathable and easy to clean (not that horse blankets are easy to clean!) I also look for strong straps.

Leesa Nero

I look for a blanket that, while securly fastened, can move with the horse and not rub or cause sores and is durable; not only due to horses rolling in them and rubbing them but hold up after washing.

Darlie Katz

Our family looks for blankets that should give many years of care to our horses for our climate. The absolute critical test is that when the 7 yr old daughter touches and feels the blanket and says that should work fine for my Little Lady Maggee or Brandy Lou. (Says yes or no with our guidence.) Amanda says color does not matter because no good horse is a bad color no truley good blanket is a bad color either and thats that said the cat. I do not know why the cat has a say in this.
Thanks You

Sabine Preisinger

What I look for in a blanket is that it does fit the horse and is not slipping and sliding. It should be sturdy enough for a couple of seasons and not rip apart easily. Finally, the blanket should be waterproof and warm enough to keep the horse comfortable, but overheat.

Lisa Lawrence

I look for a tough blanket as my horse likes to rub on everything! I also want it to have well sewn seams, straps and quality hardware. I also like flexible shoulder area as my guy holds his head high and has BIG shoulders.
Thanks! Lisa

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