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Tammy Matthews

I compete like a champion when I haul my students to a playday. They are all beginners, but there is nothing better than watching and hearing all of them cheering for each other and genuinely wishing each other the best. I've won my share of belt buckles and saddles, but none of it compares to how I feel about my students when they are at a playday.

Cindi Strelko

Everyday I try to be the Champion that my horse thinks we can be. We compete at local shows and then take 1-2 trips into Maryland to compete just for fun and to see how the big boys do it!

Laureli Orona

Everyone has to start out sometime and not everyone has the money for the best of everything. I have always been known to be the person that no matter how much of a champion I become, I will always help those anyone and I will do it within their budget no matter what that means. This market has always been and will always be my hobby and my profession and I want to be a beacon of good natured competitive fun everywhere I go. I want to be an example to everyone that money shouldn't define your success and good, clean, fun, legal, open competition is the only important thing.

Michaela Jaycox

I compete in Missouri. I compete like a champion by caring about the other contestants and their horses. Whenever someone has an issue or needs help I will help them.


I compete like a champion in Washington, every month I go to a small riding area everyone knows each other and we all game our horses. I have been riding since I was 4 years old I love t! I have just been getting into gaming and I like it a lot, I would like to start going to more shows too. Thank you!

Cheryn Beck

You're a Champion every time you step up in the saddle by doing your very best and taking the best care of your animals. We had a very expensive lesson in regards to protective boots and leg wraps on the front legs of your horse. We had bell boots on our heading horse, he was in deep sand and over reached, clipping his tendon on the front leg. He recovered but was never 100%. Always take the time & cost to protect your horse. You're products are the BEST!


I compete like a champion locally in Illinois and within my region of the Midwest! I train hard and put lots of time and effort into my horses to make them the best that they can be. We work as a team and have fun! We are champions in the making!! I love my horses and always get the best for them including Classic Equine products! :)

Brenda Welch

I compete mainly at local jackpot barrel races in my northern Oklahoma. I work hard and spend as much time as possible with my horses, I feel like that gives us an edge on the competition!

Randy Reasoner

I am the Pastor of New Hope Cowboy Ministry in McLoud Ok.We have 40 acres here with a Cowboy Church and an arena to help folks of all ages. Everything we do here is regarded as Championship status. We direct many on how to be a champion in and out of the arena,with infuses on the arena of life.The Lord tells us we are champions. Best of all we ride for Champion of Champions,Jesus!

Tonia Hummel

I compete like a champion by taking ever day as if it was my last. I got my first horse at age 11 and horses changed my life as I was heading down a very bad path. So I give thanks every day for my mom taking the time and money to pursue my passion of horses. I compete in ranch sortings, ranch horse shows, trail chanlleges, and just work on my horsemanship to better myself and my horse. I feel everyone is blessed to have horses in their life.

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