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Debbie Arnold

I compete like a champion in my head. I'm a legend in my own mind.

Maggie Uroda

Right now my horse and I are refreshing ourselves in my arena at home. Its been awhile since we have got to compete; but when I do have the chance and time I just like to go to the playday barrel races. I consider myself and my horse a champion every time we race because I believe we are all winners whether we have the best time or the worst time. We give it our best shot and hope to do better on the next run or the next playday. It's not always about winning but doing what you love to do. Which is ride and have fun doing it!

Sheila Haynes

My horse and I do small gaming events. Even though our time scores are at the bottom of the group, my horse is always a champion as he simply loves to do the events.


Everytime our "family" leaves the farm together for an APHA show we are prepared to be a Champion at the show - think like a winner be a winner.

Leslie Burchfield

I now compete by advocating for my horses. I do this by researching online, finding experts in the new "finds" in founder/laminitis treatments. My horses are alive, able to be ridden...if I had listened only to my vet, they would have been dead. Competition is more than just ribbons and is a life choice.

Terela Jarvis

I compete in gaming. I consider my competition to be my own self. I like to see how much better my horse can work together and improve upon our own times. I still like to cheer everybody else on to do well.


I compete at shows in the state of Georgia and North Florida. I havent been barrel racing long but 3 years has been enough to make me fall in love with the sport and feel like a champion evertime I compete.

SaraJo S

I dont compete at this time. However after years of training horses; I feel that any ride with a good horse in the sun with the wind on my face is a Championship itself... Champions are not made in the arena they are made outside the arena. With little girls who dream of their first pony, to an owner purchasing their first horse, a veteran finding solace in grooming his mount, a quiet ride in the country with friends (2 legged and 4)

Debbie Bailey

I compete "like a champion" when I ride on the trails! I love to ride on the beach and the local logging trails. I love to take peoples' unused horses and fit them with one of our 4-H members-improves both horse and child's lives!


I spend hours at my home base preparing my horse and myself before going to any show in NE Oklahoma. I do reining and have learned to take it one manuever at a time, ride in the moment, concentrating on each part before you think about the next one. This helps me stay focused and keeps my horse focused to...

Kelly Bond

As a family we rodeo together and compete most every weekend. This past weekend my 10yr son competed at the Rising Stars Calf Roping. I guarantee that after he tied all three calves down with no penalties he felt like a champion!

Marion Rettinger

We have started a drill team and have been practicing to compete. I have learned a lot about my horse doing this! Great fun!


Classic Equine loves horses as much as my family.

Jerre Schumacher

My 2 yr old filly is a champion already with her amasing attitude ,patients and perseverance. As we work together,I see she will be my partner for life and we should excel at everything we try.

The Wilson Family

We as a family enjoy trail riding and sorting our own cattle. We m manage 110 acre ranch with head of cattle. Our pride and joy is a 9 year old AQHA buckskin gelding Tuff and Handy or (Bubba) as we call him. He is a champion reining horse that we all as a family love riding especially our 2 1/2 year old son. We are new to the competition world but are looking forward to what our future holds with this truly amazing horse.

Michael Barwick

Recently, my 20 year old mare badly injured both hind legs. After evaluation, the vet stated it might be easier to put her down, otherwise the road to recovery could be long and expensive. I chose to "compete like a champion" and changed her bandages on a daily and weekly basis for several months to ensure her full recovery. Competing as a champion is not always about the positives that we derive pleasure in, but also those moments where we invest in others, or, in this case, our equine friends.

Karen Densmore

I compete in barrel racing and use the best nutrition and best products to make sure my horses and I compete at their best.

Rachel Fenton

I used to show western pleasure horses as a teenager. I am now 50 and just recently got a new western pleasure horse. I show her locally right now since I have SOO much catching up to do! I hope to have myself ready for the AQHA shows by next year. I love all my horses and they are the best!


I compete like a champion no matter what because I believe in horses and myself.

Alison Bender

Sharing my love of horses with my students - past, present, and future.

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