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Richard E. Kelly

I compete in the Kentuckiana Ranch Horse Association's shows. They are located at various locations in the vicinity of Louisville KY.

Sussan Smith

My horse and I enjoy the company of our friends and their mounts on a safe ride.


I compete in trail riding competitions with my young horse. We both love to learn when we navigate new obstacles. We also enjoy the companionship on the rides.

Jeanne Kennedy

I compete for best grandma by providing a beautiful palomino pony and a new bay quarter horse for my grandkids to ride in safety. To see the smiles that get plastered on their faces the moment they mount is all the reward a person could ask for. I am making future horse lovers! What better way to spend my time!? (Well I do love to ride too after they leave!) :-)


We compete in teamroping in Az.. We also enjoy training in reigning. We have always said, we take better care of our horses than we do ourselves. Remember, we bought them, they didn't buy us!

Kristen Gossard

Wether I'm on the ground or in the saddle I give my best to my horses & they will give their best to me!

Marlajean Waters

I compete like a champion when I take someome for a drive with my team and wagon. It is so much fun to share the joy of horses with others who don't get to have one of their own.


I don't compete. I have four horses, all rescues, so any tack gets a lot of use.

Mathea Turk

I compete in open and APHA shows. Every time I enter the ring, I view my horse and myself as champions. It's the best way to get through a tough class!


Everyday and where ever I get on my 11 year old reiner. I injured my back several years ago. I had all but given up on being able to ride again. I purchased this well trained mare as a "last hope" Things did not go well at the beginning but with the help of a truly caring trainer and the mare's abilities we've started a successful journey toward competition.

Joleen Smith

I'm making up for lost time for not being able to follow my horse dreams when I was younger. I am 59, just had my first year reining and came in 2nd in Rookie for year end awards at my reining club. It was an awesome first year. Every time I get in the arena, we ride with purpose and ride for the podium every run... its for the gold!

Autumn Smrcina

My horses are 21 and 17. Every day I handle them we are champions because we are constantly learning together, whether it be in the pasture, in the barn or anywhere in between. I constantly tell my friends that horses will talk to you if you listen, and everyday they tell me something new!

Melanie Einstein

I own a beautiful Palomino Quarter Horse. She is 8 1/2 years old. I rescued her about 6 years ago. She is my first horse and I love her dearly! Her name is Cheyanne. She had some trust issues with people when I first got her; it was from being abused by the first people who had her. I have worked with Cheyanne and she has come a long way in trusting people again. Cheyanne deserves only the best after starting out with the worse in life.


We compete like a champion on my ottb whom we call Kentucky because he has secretariat in his heritage. He and my daughter are learning to gymkhanna together. He loves trail riding with me as well.


I feel like a champion every time I walk up to the pasture gate and my mustangs are at the end of the pasture. All I have to do is give a yell and they all come running right up to the fence. Yes they were once running wild and free, but them running up to greet me tells me that they love me and are happy to be where they are now.

Gabrielle Kleinow

I compete like a champion everyday. Whether it be makeing the drive out to the barn no matter the weather conditions, or competing with my friends in the arena and on trail. My horse keeps me sane, and I always strive to give him the best. Equibrand products are the best! Please help me to show my appreciation to my best friend and partner in crime, J.D.

Toni Wenger

I compete like a champion every time I ride my horse. A year ago I broke my leg when I fell off my husband's horse. My greatest fear was that I would not be able to ride again. I found the perfect horse to help me gain back my courage and we are looking forward to many happy years on the trail. I am 60 years old.


I'm a champion at trying to make sure my horses are happy and comfortable and they are always champions to me.

Teresa Travnichek

I ocmpete with myself everytime I ride. Riding on trails that often challenge me to ride in areas my flatlander raised self objects to. I trust my mares to take care of me and they do..

Staci McGuire

I compete at barrel races and fun shows all year on my 9 year old quarter horse gelding. He has a lot of mechanical problems due to a birth defect but he has beat so many odds already. He is also the go to for my 7 year old nieces.

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