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claire jones

My horse is always a champion to me, even though we don't compete in shows.

liz hofer

I show at Welsh breed shows.

liz hofer

I show Welsh ponies at the Welsh breed shows.

Veronica Flores

My horses are my best buds, we run barrels together, work cows and enjoy rides in the Brazos river :P)

Cathe Read

My horse and I compete like a champion every time we go for a trail ride. She takes care of me and I take care of her. We both have a good time and come back safe and sound.

Toni Parks

I try my best every day as I work to win the trust of a 3 1/2 yr. old Arabian rescue horse I have had for 4 months. With lots of love, hard work, and a safe environment, I know in my heart we will win the battle. :)


TEXAS is where I compete

Tammy Baird

As a mature rider, every time I work with my young gelding, I compete against myself... always learning and trying to make it an enjoyable experience for both of us.

Aleasha C.

I own a 10 year old palomino AQHA/PHBA gelding who has done everything but we primarily show in western pleasure, hunter under saddle, and showmanhip at local shows in Virginia. We compete by looking our best at the shows.

Kaycie Timm

I compete like a champion in all level of shows all across Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana with my Registered Morgan and American Miniatures. We show in everything from Jumping and Trail to Showmanship and Halter at open, local, and even national level shows. My horses and I also enjoy helping others learn to show or improve their skills. Thanks for considering us for this awesome giveaway!

Alice Singleton

I have three paint geldings that I have competed on in open shows, breed shows, extreme cowboy races, etc. Lately, we have begun competition in the ACTHA events. It required precise execution of manuevers. It is a great test of ability and relationship.


Nova & I "Compete Like Champions" all over the lovely hills & fields in my valley. I would love to win these & donate them to Camp O!

Amalia Coffey

My 7 year old grade appaloosa mare has a resume that more than makes up for her lack of known pedigree. She is a trusted trail mount, gathers cattle in steep terrain, dresses up in English and is an outstanding foxhunting mount, and has recently started team sorting. She has won me two buckles in team sorting in her first year at the sport. She is a great partner, I do my best to keep her safe and her legs protected, and I look forward to many more years with her.

Kenneth John White

Team Penning abd now for the Sheriff's Volunteer Equestrian Mounted Unit

Eileen Brewer

Now that it's been 20+ years and I'm back in the saddle again, I work with my 5 yr. old gelding where and whenever I can. I've been getting my teenaged daughter excited about going to the stables like I was when I first started out. Now we compete in who will tire the other out faster. We both are our own kind of champions especially to one very loved horse!

Deborah Dawson

I feel like a high-points competitor every day that I go out into the round pen and work with my Arabian babies.

Julie Ann Smith

My horses and I compete like champions on the eventing field. I always try to provide the best for my horses, whether it be feed, attention, and especially equipment.

Mike Olsen

I compete like a champion at team penning and ranch sorting events.

Stephanie Wilkinson

Trail riding is my thing.

Marilyn McDaniel

We just do everyday horse things around out farm..daughter breeds, breaks,and trains all our horse since she has been 10 years old. She is now 24 and is always in need to new things for her horses as allot of stuff gets ruined in training horses. So this would be a very welcome surprise for her this Christmas season. Shhh its a secret..

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