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Susan  Bellis

I never had a pair of western boots. So it would be wonderful to find out with the Dahlia's.

Erin Murray

Tony Lama boots are awesome! They fit my narrow feet great and after wearing them daily for almost 2 years I still get compliments on them.


Like the majority above, Ariat are my most favorite boots. They fit so well, no blisters or corns from bad fitting boots. I kinda hate wearing them at the ranch, like to keep them looking good, however, that's what I buy them for......

Marilyn McDaniel

I have a really hard time finding boots to fit my wide foot and I have a bunion that hurts like crazy. My daughter and I both love boots...and boots and more boots. All the new styles are so tempting but at Christmas time ouch...So yes Please..another pair is a gift from heaven.

carol bland

Justin are the best comfortable and can be worn for work and play.. I sure need a new pair.. Thanks

constance smith

Ariat is my favorite brand. They fit the moment they come out of the box. They were meant for my feet.

Milissa Stormer

Ariat boots--many different varieties and good quality.

Darlene Parish

Tuff choice but I'd have to say Ariat are my favs for dress and riding, and Justin is my fav for barn work. Both boots are very comfy and I can easily wear them all day long. At last count I have 6 pair! A girl can NEVER have too many pairs of boots!


I Love my corrals boots. They are too expensive but better last a life time

Emma Frogner

Boots made for walking, Ariat

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