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Susan  Bellis

I never had a pair of western boots. So it would be wonderful to find out with the Dahlia's.

Erin Murray

Tony Lama boots are awesome! They fit my narrow feet great and after wearing them daily for almost 2 years I still get compliments on them.


Like the majority above, Ariat are my most favorite boots. They fit so well, no blisters or corns from bad fitting boots. I kinda hate wearing them at the ranch, like to keep them looking good, however, that's what I buy them for......

Marilyn McDaniel

I have a really hard time finding boots to fit my wide foot and I have a bunion that hurts like crazy. My daughter and I both love boots...and boots and more boots. All the new styles are so tempting but at Christmas time ouch...So yes Please..another pair is a gift from heaven.

carol bland

Justin are the best comfortable and can be worn for work and play.. I sure need a new pair.. Thanks

constance smith

Ariat is my favorite brand. They fit the moment they come out of the box. They were meant for my feet.

Milissa Stormer

Ariat boots--many different varieties and good quality.

Darlene Parish

Tuff choice but I'd have to say Ariat are my favs for dress and riding, and Justin is my fav for barn work. Both boots are very comfy and I can easily wear them all day long. At last count I have 6 pair! A girl can NEVER have too many pairs of boots!


I Love my corrals boots. They are too expensive but better last a life time

Emma Frogner

Boots made for walking, Ariat

Amy nelson

Ariat makes the best boots. Good quality and cute boots.

nary ehlers

I love My Ariats and they look great out on the town and in the stirrups..

Toni Averbeck

My absolute favorite boot has been the Ariat Fat Baby! The Saddle wears well and gives me great support for my crazy foot. ATS technology has given me the comfort needed for long days on my feet in the barn or in the saddle.

Toni Smith

I have always bought Ariat boot but would love to try other brands. I am hoping to win this pair and give them a chance for a cowgirl trail.

Rebecca frerking

LOVE my Ariats!! They fit my long skinny feet and my high arch. PLUS, they are on trend and the company was founded by women.....doesn't get any better!

Janet Vance

I like Ariats and Twisted X boots. They fit my feet and I put a lot of miles on in a days time..

Elena Normandin

my friend wears Ariat boots. She is always saying how much she loves them. It would be nice to win a pair of boots and find out for myself just how nice they really are.I love the looks of the Dahlia boots.They are beautiful.


Ariat or Justins!!! LOVE the fit of the Ariat & Justins!!! I can usually find a pair of boots im needing with Valley Vet!!! And i sure could use a new pair of boots right now!!!

Michele Thompson

I LOVE Justin Boots, I wear them around the ranch, riding, & even going into town to do alittle dancing!!! They are so comfortable!

Jodi Cooper

Ariat always has a great selection of styles and colors. Super comfy. Valley vet always has great selection and sales and notifies me of them. Super easy shopping.

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