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Eddie Smith

Justin Boots they are great for farm work

Deborah Taylor

I have not worn boots in quite along time but I'm looking for a pair. From the reviews the Justins sound like they might be the boot for me because of my wide feet.

Kristie Tidd

LOVE my Ariat boots. I have about 5 pairs that I wear on a regular basis. They all fit the same & I never have to worry about different fits. They hold up to my rough schedule & lack of care!!

Sue Casey

Ariat boots are my boot of choice! They are super supportive and my feet don't get tired or ache even after working on my feet for hours. I can get several years out of a pair, too. A+ for durability.

Cathi G

I love my Justin boots. I have had several pairs over the years and they hold up fantastic. And really you can never have to many boots!!!!

Timothy Cosgrove

Well I actually haven't worn boots since I was 8 yrs old. So I don't know what boots I would look for. But if i were going to look..I would ask my daughter...she has a pony and would love a pair. I would love to get her a pair for Christmas. So she would love a pair of those Dahlia's if you would select me as winner!

Crystal Lanfair

I love my Ariat Fat Baby's. They are great for all around farm work and/or play. They are light in weight and very comfortable fitting. It's been several years since I got a new pair of boots because my kids come first, which I have 4 step-childen and two of my own, and a granddaughter due anyday (YAY)

Tonia Hummel

I love my Justin Boots as I have wide feet and the give me plenty of room. They look really good at work with a slight dressy look but still have that country look also. I do not wear anything other than boots, no shoes for this gal. HA HA!! They are very reasonably priced and I have purchased 3 pairs of the same boots as I wear out boots every year, so I am due for a new pair of boots!

Sandy Falon

I have to wear very light boots because of knee surgeries. Twenty X Boots and Justins have been great from what I have found.


ariat boots are my fave as they always fit the same way

Debby Vreeland

My favorite boot is an arait boot.... but would like to try the ladies dahlia 9" boot! Thank you for giving me a chance to win a pair!

Debra Schultz

Ariat boots seem to be the most comfortable. I only have one pair but would love another pair. I never would have believed they were so comfortable but they really are. Wish I could wear them to work but I think a nurse in boots might not be looked upon very well. :)

Bill Sears

Ariat boots are my favorite, my last pair of non Ariat boots got wet on a job and fell apart. So I would love a new pair for free!!

Tracy LeClair

I love my Justin's! I have a pair of double H's that are very comfy too.

Jessica Adickes

Being a woman with a size 11-12 foot, the shoe market isn't always fair. Sometimes I wish I could wear boots with every outfit!

The beauty of Ariat boots is that they size large enough for my feet without looking like I'm wearing a pair of mens boots! They have a great variety of styles too. Ariats are the most comfortable boots I've had, and they don't wear out any time soon! I use and abuse them working with the horses, but they sure do stand up to my abuse. That is why they are my favorite brand of boot. I'm willing to try other brands, but they have big footsteps to fill!


Ariat boots are my favorite because of comfort and durability. Comfort is the most important to me. Valley Vet Supply has a good selection with a variety of types and styles of boots.


I love my ariats

Shannon Lawrence

Love my Justin's- they wear well and are comfortable.

Jessica Fulkerson

Ariats are my favorite brand of boots. No matter if they are lace up or pull on, I've tried them all. They all last a long time, are well constructed and are comfortable, even for long periods of time and long distances.

Miranda Mammen

Yes I in a very big need of a new pair of boots. Mine get so wore down from wearing them all the time. When I had a horse accident a few years back my left foot wears down the inter sole faster than the rest. So I am buying boots all the time. I would love to win a pair of boots. Thanks so much for the option to win a pair of boots. Really is wonderful to get a change like this!

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