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Patrick J. Madison

Justin boots.

Rugged for farm work.

Karen Dahmke

I love Ariat boots. They are the most comfortable boot I've ever worn!! Like most women, I don't absolutely have to have another pair, but I need one, you know? there's nothing better than a new pair of boots, it puts a shine on your whole day!

Hollie Motley

Ariats have always been my favorite boots. They seem to hold up well and look good doing it.

Jenny Garner

Through the years we've worn a lot of different brands. Overall, Ariats seem to be more comfortable and last longer. With four kids, these are likely to end up as a gift for one of them!

Kelsey Sleeper

My favorite brand of boots are Justin's. I do not buy boots online because I like to try them on first.

Jennifer Hanson

So far Ariats are my favorite boot


Ariat Fat Baby! The most comfy boots I have ever owned with great grip for catching up and working goats. Always get the best price on them at Valley Vet too.

Jane Schoessow

1) Crazy about Ariats, both English paddock and Western! Would dearly LOVE to win a pair for my husband, who needs the kind of support and comfort that Ariats have, but . . .

2) Alas, Valley Vet doesn't carry them (and maybe Ariat doesn't make them??) in men's size 14!

Nancy Dyer

Justin Gypsy boots are my favorite boots. They fit my wide foot, comfortable, super durable, stylish and affordable!!! I own several pair! I love ValleyVet for all of my western wear and equine shopping needs. They always have what I am looking for and have great sales and low prices. Thanks ValleyVet!


Have not owned a pair of boots in a long time, but I really liked my Tony Lamas at one time. After 30+ years of being on foot, I bought a new horse and am needing a pair of riding boots to go with her.


I love my ariat boots they are comfortable and not too expensive and they last a long time, but the Dahlia boots really catch my eye and I want a pair!! i love Valley vets website also.

Beth Moon

I love Ariat boots, I won't buy any other brand. They are the most comfortable boots I have found and are excellent quality.

Angie Davis

Ariat is my favorite right now. I do really like Justin boots also. I have never ordered boots online but I do purchase tack, supplements and all other kinds of horse needs.

Dawn Pouliot

Ariat is my favorite boot. I have an arch that is hard to get comfortable for every day wear. I have a pair of Airats that are four years old and they only look old on the put side. These are my only pair so I guess it is time for knew pair of boots. Why so long; the rest of my family comes first.

James Skelton

Justin boots for work.

Candace Humphreys

My favorite boots are Ariats for their comfort and arch support. I am hoping to get another pair for my husband. He had his first pair of Ariats for just a few months when he recently fell from the rafter of a tobacco barn, broke 3 ribs and dislocated and fractured his ankle. The EMT had to cut one of the boots off, so needless to say, he is in dire need of a new pair of boots! I would love to be able to give him a new pair of boots for Christmas;hopefully he will be able to wear them by then!

Barbara Lee

I love Ariat boots, they fits my feet and they last long. I go riding in they, clean pins, and go to rodeo in them, then never fail me.

Debra D. Lahr

I love my Ariat's...all of them!! I still like the Heritage Roper that I used for riding for years, but three years ago I bought the Terrain boots and now I mostly wear them riding and around the Ranch! So comfortable! I have several colors of the Heritage Lacer II for dancing! Love the style and have Horsehair tassel boot jewelry for them!! The way they are built it feels like you have spring in your step!! I have been a Fan of Ariat Boots for 16 years!! Quality, comfort, and that spring!!

Ray Yamauchi

I have worn boots all my life and have found there is no boot more comfortable and durable than Ariat. The way they structure their soles and the quality of the materials that they use in constructing their boots is unbeatable.

Mary Jo

Macie Beans....beautifully stylish, always compliments...and added bonus of all day comfort with style.

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