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I LOVE my Ariat "tie boots"-my favorite pair was given to me for Christmas several years ago by my daughter! What an awesome gift! I love them SO much that I brought them on a cruise (my children gave me)to Belize, Mexico and Honduras. I got to ride in the rain forests of Belize and Mexico-holler monkeys and iguanas throughout! It doesn't get any better than that!

Joan Hart

I wear Ariat boots because they are a good fit, comfy, ad a reasonable price. I also love my Tony Lamas because they are well-made and have lasted a long time. I have worn them all day to events and stock shows and been comfortable and stylish too!


Justin Fat Baby and Ariat. Priced for everyday use but very comfortable and durable.

B. Darlyne Childers

I've been around for several years--tried lots of different boots..........but always end up back with Justins for loods, durability and cost..

Lynn parker

Ariat are great love the fit and comfort


My favorite brand is Ariat - mainly becasue they fit my feet well. There is good arch support for horseback riding, and they tend to be wider than other brands. However, I'd love to give a pair of new boots to my daughter!

Jan Nuckolls

Love my Ariats, time for a new pair!
Always do my online shopping at Valley Vet, with 30 horses there is always something I need.

farron stewart

justin boots-comfort, style, dependability.


I LOVE my ariats! they are so comfortable. I can wear them all day doing around the farm, showing, or judging and my feet are happy at the end of the day!

Renee Erlenbach

Right now lovin my Justin boots. Also have Ariats.


Ariat. They are well made, fit my feet and are comfy. All of my Ariats have lasted at least 7 years with hard everyday wear. I have had a hard time parting with ones that I had worn out. And the price is always good.
But I have drooled over Old Gringo's for years....... And Luchese. :)

Marie Nater

Love my Ariat paddock boots.

Janice Sen

I love my Ariats, they are so comfortable!! They are very durable also.

Betty Janke

I would like to win a pair of boots because I don't have any so it would be my first pair. I'm thinking I'd like to try a pair and start wearing them day-to-day. I've heard that Ariats are very nice.

Becky Buffington

I love all kinds of boots fancy, working, plain you know antique is boots.

Shelby Minton

I love Ariats boots. They last so long and very comfy. Its the only brand i usually buy.

sharon gonyo

I love my Justin Fat Baby boots. I use them in the barn and for riding. They are the most comfortable.

Zenda Beail

I love my Fat Babys, they are so comfy. I would love to try Ladie Daliha, Ariats are nice too. Good luck to all. and Happy Holidays.

Cathy Cook

I like Ariats, the hold up well and are comfortable.

Laura Thompson

I like several brands. Ariat for everyday comfort and Corral for dress!!!

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