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Valley Vet Supply

2012 Jeans Giveaway Winner

CONGRATULATIONS Sherri P. from Kellyville, OK and Sheri D. from Wthrby Lake, MO ! You are the winner of the Jeans Giveaway.

Thanks to all of you who shared, Julie


They make my butt look GOOD.

Lynnae Schloneger

Who won the Wranglers? I can't find the winner posted anywhere. Thanks


Love Wranglers for my everyday wear... they look and feel great!

Marie Crag

Wranglers have the best fit! Tight across the belly, flattering down the buttocks and upper leg.

Theresa Lawton

I wear jeans every day and I love my Wranglers! They feel like 'real' jeans and are comfortable! I love it that they don't wear out and fall apart within months of purchasing like other jeans. Great for work or play!

B. Darlyne Childers

I have wore Wranglers for years (I am 68 years old). Wranglers are comfortable, reasonablly priced and very durable. We raise cattle and the jeans realy get a work out and they LAST.

Ada Palermo

Wrangler Jeans are great and make a great gift for the cowboy!

Donald Metzler

First thing after raising in the morning is pulling up my Wrangler jeans and with a familiar feel of tradition and comfort. Tradition because I've been wearing Wranglers since I was 17 years old and comfort because no jean fits better than wrangler. That nice snug fit around my butt with the bottoms going over my boots perfectly or stacked above my tennis shoes.

Seems like everything changes with the years with the exception of the way my wranglers fit and feel.

Michelle from Iowa

I just purchased 2 pairs of Wrangler Mid Rise Cash Style jeans after looking for the past 3 years for a pair of jeans WITHOUT spandex. Thanks to Wrangler for having jeans made of 100% denim. They fit perfectly. I was not able to find these jeans in any store so thank you Valley Vet for having them in stock and in my size.

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