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Kelly Adams

Love my Wranglers - Aura, Q Baby, Cash... The best jeans to ride in with the flat seams and no-gap waistband.

Kelly Adams

Love, love, love my Wranglers - Aura, Q Baby, Cash!!! They are great for riding with the flat seams. If I could wear jeans to work these would be my uniform!

Matt Baxter

wrangle jeans have been one of the best for me for more than 25 years thanks Wrangler!!!

Veanna Rousseau

Jeans that fit great and wear well...that's the definition of wrangler jeans. Wouldn't have any other kind.

Karen Cooper

Wranglers are tough, last a long time, take a beating but clean up nice for an evening out. They are comfy and I wouldn't wear anything else. I have never tried the Booty Up Wranglers and would love a chance.

jim  jacobs

need a good pair of pants

Debra Zack

Wrangler jeans are the perfect riding pants. Seams that don't rub your legs raw. Wranglers last for years so you get your moneys worth. Boot cut style fits over boots and makes a short person look great.


No jeans but Wrangler fit a body better. Wrangler jeans are made to last longer & look better than every other jean I own. Wrangler is #1!

Michelle Ferrari

Versatility !! To the office, the store, working around the house, at the barn, on the horse and more !!! Comfort always comes first !!! Thank you Wrangler ! : )

Leslie Phillips

Wranglers have always been my choice of jeans. Whether building fences or barns or riding all day, they never rub or become uncomfortable. They wear like iron and look good whether new or nearly worn out.

The fit gives me plenty of room in the thigh and seat and the boot cut makes them drape over boots perfectly and look like the authentic cowboy jeans that they are.


Wranglers are tough, comfortable, and look great. Wouldn't wear anything but Wrangler jeans!

MJ Anderson

I love my Booty Up Wrangler Jeans. I search every retailer for my size and shop the sales, I THINK i HAVE AT LEAST 8 PAIRS! I convinced my best friend to try them on when we found a 38" length, now we are always on the look out for more her size, she loves them wore them for a week before she had to pry them off and wash the,!

Stephanie W

My wrangler Sadies are a great fit. I have worn wranglers for many years. Thanks for a wonderful product.

deb artz

Nothing makes you feel great than a great fit of jeans.

Lynn Cagle

Only Wranglers will do, when it come to jeans for me!! Thank you Wrangler - For ALL THE GREAT NEW STYLE!!

Sarah Dennee

What makes a pair of jeans perfect for me...soft, no waist gap, boot flare and long enough. being tall is great, but occasionally it makes it a bit hard to find the right fit. Levi's are my favorite.

Jo Gadberry

I loved the Q-Baby jeans because of the no gap waistline and the jean's ability to stretch when riding. I am excited about the lower waist on the Shilohs and look forward to trying those out.


I love a pair of jeans that just fit right. They are perfect for riding, cold or warm weather. Wranglers are the deal.

Reca Mead

Wrangler makes wearing jeans a pleasure. No other jeans fit and look good on like the Aura or Q-Baby. My other jeans have to go to good will.

Melissa Drake

Great fit! Just enough stretch and NO GAP in my waist! I can always get jeans to fit great in my hips and thighs but have at least 3 or more inches of gap in my waist, not with Wranglers. It doesn't matter if I am riding, giving lessons, trimming hooves, or mucking stalls, my Wranglers get me through my day comfortably.

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