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I've always loved Wrangler jeans and bought my 1st pair of Q Babies for a western wedding. They work dressed up or down, stay looking nice with little work, & have been my favorite since I put the 1st pair on 2 years ago.

Deb Higgins

I like my Aura jeans. They fit just a little below my waist, and are stretchy. Comfortable and good fit.

Karen brungardt

Q-baby's, the best damn riding pants, period.


I have been wearing wrangler jeans for 15 years now. I have tried just about every other type of jeans and for me being a whopping 120 lbs. and wearing 36 length, haven't found a better fit anywhere. Love these jeans!

Jana Tucker

Im sorry,is there ANY other kind of jeans. Wow news to me.

Rebecca McBath

slightly stretch but not too much, and the no gap waistband.

Dale Henderson

My 13 mwz's wear like iron, look good, and last. They are the only pant I wear -- I mean everyday. They don't take long to break in. After a few dozen washes they hold their size and shape and still are soft and comfortable. I wear them everyday for work on my ranch. Wash them, and they are fine for almost any social occasion as well.

Sharon Heiney

Having the perfect pair of jeans is like having the perfect man. They hold you close but not too close to suffocate you. They prop you up when you begin to sag a little and help you hold it all together. And finally, they are always ready to go anywhere with you and stay strong and good looking in the process. Yep, if Wrangler ever starts selling men, I will be first in line.

Laura Lanning

Jeans that have a little stretch like the Q-baby and a no gap waist. Wranglers are the best.


I love my wranglers! Best comfort and durability! They must be durable, I wear them almost everyday! Sometimes even to church! I always get compliments from non wrangler wearers.

Robyn A.

Definitely a great fit! If they don't fit, they don't feel good! Any they need to fit and feel good no matter what you are doing in them!!

Shelley Dixon66

The only jeans I can find to fit my husband's long legs are Wranglers. I have been buying Wranglers for him for 26 1/2 years now. Thank you so much for making jeans that fit skinny, tall cowboys!!!!


Very nice looking Jeans.They fit very nice. They are a good fit.

Pat Williams

Sure do wish I still had the Promo piece I designed a few years ago for Wrangler, but they wouldn't accept a free-lance photo shoot. The ad was a photo of me when I was 22 showing off my Wrangler jeans and a second photo of me when I was 42 in the same pose with words "Happy Birthday Wrangler, we're still going strong & looking Good". I'm 69 now and still wearing those Wranglers & must say, STILL looking Good!


Wrangler makes the best jeans... I have tried many brands, but nothing compares to the fit and comfort of Wrangler. They have the right combination of good fit, a little bit of give, and durability.

Jodi Frisch

I like a pair of jeans to be comfortable whether I'm riding, driving, working or just sitting around with friends. They have to look good and be able to go from the field to the store and out to supper.


My Q-babies were a gift to self several Christmases ago. I have not worn any other jeans to ride since; in fact I took all my others to the thrift store. Q-babies have flat inner seams, a waist that sits comfortably where MY waist is, and they stretch so I can get my foot up in the stirrup on my 17H mule. Not too much decoration on the rump area. My favorites forever!

Lynnette L Smith

I am glad Wranglers are popular again. They fit great!!!!!

Alaina Nelson

I wear Wrangler jeans pretty much every day of my life; whether I'm doing chores, riding my horses or out at a function I can find a pair that works for any time of day. I don't own any other brand of jeans but I do miss the the 14MWZLS. I went from "Cowboy Cut" to these and now I wear the "Q-Baby because I just wouldn't know what to wear if Wrangler didn't make it. I like the way they look, fit and feel, they are quality you don't find anywhere else.

Barbara A Herrera

At age 73 and still riding my horses and taking care of the 20 acres, I clean up, get ready for Cowboy Church, pull on a pair of Wranglers and feel like I am in my 40's again.

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