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Memory Maginley

Wranglers are multi purpose wear. You can dress them up or dress them down and be right in style for any occasion.


I love the new wrangler jeans especially the QBaby. They are so comfortable!!

Debbie Myers

The comfortable fit and feel which I get when I wear my Wranglers! They are sassy and fun. I love them.

Emma Striegel

I feel like I can wear jeans anywhere. They're good for everything! I like how I look in them, too. The fact that I can go from my couch, to the barn, to the grocery store, to the feed store, and back again, just makes me feel... in control, somehow. Jeans feel like rebellion and uniqueness at the same time as being tactful and respectful... I don't know. They're just my go-to everyday everything wear!

Peggy Smith

I like jeans that I can do the chores in, ride in and look good enough to go out and have a good time. Wranglers have the look and fit to go from morning to night.

Karen B

I ♥ the comfort of wranglers! They fit, they don't bunch or rub. They are the ONLY jeans I can ride my horse in ALL day long. :) Nothing else has been in my closet or on my butt in 40+ years. Wranglers ROCK!

Carol Callahan

When I slip on my Wrangler Q Baby Jeans I feel like I've put on the jeans I've worn for years and years...soft, comfortable, with the fit that I've come to expect and love with every wearing. That pair of jeans that says, "Welcome home, relax, and be yourself" after a long day of work, or right before a ride on my horse to commune with nature. Wrangler jeans are where I want to be.

Rhonda Anders

wrangler just the best

Robin M. Williams

When I put on a real hardy set of jeans I know the work I'm doing on the farm won't require me to sissy up and worry about tearing my pants or getting dirty. There is nothing clean about horses. But that's the beauty of jeans. They don't care if they get dirty, and neither do I when I'm in them.

Chris Woodworth

A little bling, a little stretch and not too low of a waist make the perfect jean for me!

Jack Scott

Short & sweet- I've worn Wranglers for over 40 years and for this cowboy they are the "total package".

Stephani Fitkin

Was just telling a friend today how my mother would drag me kicking and screaming to buy a new dress when all I wanted was a new pair of jeans. Nothing can beat a well fitting jean! I bought 3 pair of wranglers last year and have lost 20 lbs this year and now all my jeans are too big...a wonderful problem but(t)......
heres for hoping I can get a new pair

Ann Carr

The way the cotton molds to your personal curves and allows you to feel it as a second skin, is the only way to describe the fit of my favorite jeans. And when they feel that good, and you know you look that good, Wrangers are the only way to dress up or dress down!


I like a jean that gives w/you. When mounting your horse for ride you don't want them to bind you and not be comfortable while riding. I ride sometimes for 8 hrs in a day. I want a jean that is comfortable, don't bind and fits in the waist. Hey when you get off your horse you have the look of comfort and not wiggling trying to get everything to not bind you. It fits and looks nice and compliments you and the jeans.

Sheri Deets

The thing that excites me the most about my Wrangler jeans look, feel and comfort is the fact they don't expose my bottom and give me the plumber look like so many of the new style jeans. They also don't tear up my saddle or car seat with large button down back pockets. Yep, I'll stick with my stand by Wranglers any day!


When I wear a pair of Wrangler jeans I feel like I'm all there compared to a pair of loose fitting cotton/polyester dress slacks that feel like I have nothing on.

Kate Covey

I wear, work and live in jeans; the first cowboy I dated had one request; please wear Wranglers jeans... I did and I have comfort in never ever ever regretting keeping Wranglers in my life; not the cowboy

Judy Deshautelle

I started riding horses rather late in my life. I first bought a pair of wrangler jeans to ride in and I have owned nothing else since then. Sitting on a cutting horse in a pair of Twenty X jeans with a little stretch gives me the most comfortable feel. They are light weight, fit below the waist, and have seams that don't chaffe or pinch as you cut and hold the cow across the pen. In the summer in Louisiana working a cow can get real hot and sticky. These jeans have the stretch and the fabric that make riding, even when it's hot, enjoyable. Don't stop making them!

Cheryl Berry

Wrangler jeans hug my figure in the right places, they wear like iron, and are comfortable on a long trail ride.

Becky Fielding

I like wrangler jeans because they are the only ones I have ever been comfortable riding in.

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