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Wranglers are tough, comfortable, and look great. Wouldn't wear anything but Wrangler jeans!

MJ Anderson

I love my Booty Up Wrangler Jeans. I search every retailer for my size and shop the sales, I THINK i HAVE AT LEAST 8 PAIRS! I convinced my best friend to try them on when we found a 38" length, now we are always on the look out for more her size, she loves them wore them for a week before she had to pry them off and wash the,!

Stephanie W

My wrangler Sadies are a great fit. I have worn wranglers for many years. Thanks for a wonderful product.

deb artz

Nothing makes you feel great than a great fit of jeans.

Lynn Cagle

Only Wranglers will do, when it come to jeans for me!! Thank you Wrangler - For ALL THE GREAT NEW STYLE!!

Sarah Dennee

What makes a pair of jeans perfect for me...soft, no waist gap, boot flare and long enough. being tall is great, but occasionally it makes it a bit hard to find the right fit. Levi's are my favorite.

Jo Gadberry

I loved the Q-Baby jeans because of the no gap waistline and the jean's ability to stretch when riding. I am excited about the lower waist on the Shilohs and look forward to trying those out.


I love a pair of jeans that just fit right. They are perfect for riding, cold or warm weather. Wranglers are the deal.

Reca Mead

Wrangler makes wearing jeans a pleasure. No other jeans fit and look good on like the Aura or Q-Baby. My other jeans have to go to good will.

Melissa Drake

Great fit! Just enough stretch and NO GAP in my waist! I can always get jeans to fit great in my hips and thighs but have at least 3 or more inches of gap in my waist, not with Wranglers. It doesn't matter if I am riding, giving lessons, trimming hooves, or mucking stalls, my Wranglers get me through my day comfortably.

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