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Candice Bridgers

High quality, thick, natural fibers saddle blanket. Only want the best for my horse.

Larry Wade

Good fit and competitive price


Comfort of my horses is most important. Pad has to fit and stay in place.

Jeanne Hoiem

If I had time to be on Facebook or Twitter, I would like your company, but I have a full time job just keeping care of my farm & animals to be on either of them. Please do not hold this against me when considering my comments. Thank you.

When buying a saddle pad I look for the following:
1. Quality of workmanship, and Professional Choice
pad are very high quality. (I currently own 2.)
2. Fit, the way it fits under my saddle on my horse is very important to the comfort of my animals.
3. Construction/technology put into the making of the pad is very important, artificial fabrics don't keep the horse comfortable, and the cut of the underlining to enable good contact with the horse is very important. I am very interested in the technology of this new pad. This summer I will be spending a lot of time in the saddle trail riding and need a good pad.
4. Color, I like to buy saddle pads that work with the color of my horse. For my bay, I have red & black, for my Palamino, I have turquoise & tan. Now I need a flashy one to go with my Dark Brown boy, and under my new saddle for him. I am thinking that the "Cream & Royal" would look really sharp on him.

Sandy Akey

When I look for a pad it has to fit the best needs for my horse. Her back is the first thing I take into consideration. Will it conform, distrubute weight, keep her back cool. Protection, quality and durability.

Susan Ward

I love SMX Air Ride Pads and have used them for my horses for years. My horse's comfort is paramount to me, and I have found that the SMX Air Ride Pad is the absolute best at keeping my horse comfortable when I ride. These pads last practically forever -- and they are gorgeous, too! I have a smaller Air Ride pad that I use under show pads, and several others that I use for everyday work with my horse. The mare I have now has higher withers, and the SMX Air Ride Pad I ride her in fits her perfectly!

Sherry Howatt

While color can catch one's eye, I put my emphasis on fit. To me, that means technology is far more important than the latest fad.

Gina Waddell

I look for fit, function, and a great price when choosing a saddle pad. And a nice color can seal the deal.

toni darling

My horses comfort is the most important to me.


Fit and comfort are the most important factors.

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