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Jill Jahn

Comfort for the horse and an attractive color/design is what I look for

Deborah Siekman

I love SMX Air Ride Pads. I have a 23 year old Arabian that has some rear hock and back issues. When I ride in the Air Ride his I can really tell he's more comfortable. I've owned the basic solid color pad and would love the opportunity to have one with a little extra padding and the beautiful pattern as well.

susan corbello

Technology is my main concern

Arlene Sciandra

When shopping for a saddle pad, my horse's comfort is always my top priority. I look for something that is well-padded and will not rub his hair. I also look for a pad with grip so the sadlle will not slide, also preventing irritation to my horse.

Denise Beswick

I am always looking for the best and newest technology in a saddle pad. I look for the best fit and what is the most comfortable for my horses. Durability is a great asset but comfort for my horses is my main concern. As for color and pattern, I like to stand out, you nailed it with this pad!

Paul Clark

I need a pad that does not rub the hair off about the hip.Have bought three high price ones that did not work. I do not know the cause.

Jordyn Somers

Fit and comfort on my horse


comfort for my horse is no 1 criterium. I do like to try out new technologies. Color isn't that important, just nothing too crazy, more into earth tones :-)

Amanda Johnson

Fit and comfort for my horse.


When looking for a good pad for my horse, I have to find one that fits well and is comfortable. I have an older horse that has had back issues and that has made me more aware of the importance of a good pad.

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