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darlene gray

comfort and proper it cleans is also an issue...and how it holds up...all important


Comfort and durability.

Linda Daage

I like pads with comfort for my horses, no shifting. protection, good color and design.
I do look for sales that match my budget. Retired people do that.

carol etlicher

I am looking for a pad that provides comfort and protection to my horse,does not have any pressure areas, is durable,and looks good. I am willing to spend a little more for quality that will hold up over time.

Debra Zack

The pad must support the saddle , wick moisture and be easy to keep clean. Being an attractive color is a bonus.

Sandra Gertsch

I look for comfort for my horse, one that will not slip, and fit my saddle. Must look good with her colors.

Rebecca Sutton

i ride retired horses, older, like me, so i look for what will help them and myself to be able to ride longer, feel better, and with luck look good also, at a price i can afford. new technologies are doing great things these days. allowing for not so heavy pads keep a horse cooler and relieve tensions from a ride or workout. God bless those scientists.

Megan Royalty

When I go to purchase a saddle pad I look for a pad that will provide comfort for my horse, and also reduce impact for me and reduce the irritation in my back. I also look for quality and a pad that will last for many years. I do not want to purchase a pad that will make my horse sore or provide any discomfort. Another key point is to not waste money on a pad that is only going to last a year. A well made pad is something that is worth investing in.

Elizabeth Allen

I look for durability combined with looks but the major factor is protection of my horses back and wicking away moisture..


I look for comfort for my horse and a pad that is versatile and its from professional choice, so it has to be good :)

Donna Smith

When purchasing a pad I take into consideration the products washability, durability, fit and price.

Janet Kamit

I look for a saddle pad that is will conform comfortably to my horses back and saddle.Also one that is cool without pressure points on my horses back and that will not slip or move around under the saddle.

Debra Snelgrove

Fit and comfort has to be the number one priority. If your horse ends up with a sore back from a bad fitting pad, you may end up not riding because of it. Finding one that's affordable, comfortable and durable is a challenge.

Jeane Errea Mills

I look for how it fits the horse and the saddle.

Jo Ann Taylor

Having an Arabian horse and I being 71 years old poses certain qualities in a Saddle pad I have to look for. First I have to search for the Technology in the pad, quality and being durable. A Pad that will fit my horse's shape, due to him having a smaller girth than Quarter Horses. Its important for him and I to try and keep the saddle from slipping or rolling. I seldom can get on him anymore, using just the stirrup. Due to my lack of strength in my knees. I look for comfort for my horse, this is important for him and I. Ventilation to keep him cooler and less sweating, with the contoured front, opening for air in front of the pad. This all has to come into play first, when choosing a new pad. But my horse's comfort and my safety comes first when choosing a saddle pad for him 'and' me. Then I choose color. I really love the SW or Indian designs on my pads or blankets with bright colors. Price also plays a big factor for me.

Jackie Bateman

Quality, fit, comfort for the horse.

Randi Slaughter

I look for a saddle pad that will add to my horse's comfort, whether it's my pudgy 'baby' or my aging friend with the sagging back. I want one that will stay put too. And a pad that will help with heat build up is a plus.

comfort for my hight withered horse, hard to find a pad that is cozy for him

Pepper Wolf

It's all about the horse! Needs to be the right size for my saddle, must wick moisture, not bunch or bind - doesn't hurt if it looks good too!

Nancy Alden

First, I look at the quality of the materials that go into the craftsmanship of the pad. I want a pad that will be comfortable for my horse along with keeping her dry during our ride.
Second, I want good value at a reasonable price. If someone takes care and pride in what the make, I don't mind spending a little more.
And third, I like a good fit for my horse's particular needs.
These three requirements are all I look for when shopping for a saddle pad.

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