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Rachael Eve

I look for quality, one that will last, and comfort for my horse.

Nancy Ellerman

I exclusively trail ride my horse and want to use a pad that is not only durable, but also a pad that will protect his back even when riding longer hours on rough terrain. A pad that looks sharp is a bonus!

Bobi Compton

I look for technology, fit, quality and then looks. The Professional choice pads have all that and then some. The most important factor is the the ability to aid in keeping my horses back protected and comfortable. I only use Professional Choice.

 kadena riggs

I want a pad that keeps my horse cool and protects against pressure points. Also should match my pretty bay roan!


I look for a pad that will be comfortable for my horse.... and if it looks good that is a big plus!

Carol Pecot

Fit and comfort come first, followed by durability and affordability. My mare has a dip behind her shoulders so she needs a bit more padding in that area. I haven't been able to find a good pad in my price range, so I am currently using a combination of pads to do the job. It's a bit of a pain saddling-up, but I want to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Sherri-Lynn Prest

The most important thing I consider is the material the pad is made of. Breathable, non-alergenic, washable, low density material. The second is the fit according to the saddle and type of riding I'm doing. I don't care for thick, bulky pads, but I want ultimate protection and comfort. Neutral colours and sized according to the saddle size.

Malinda Whiteley

Its always a bonus when your sporting a cute saddle pad, but nothing is as important as having a pad that fits properly and offers the most protection to my horses back, especially when we are hitting the trail for several hours...

Mahala Henry

A pad that can be used on any horse comfortably.

Nancy Williams

My husband and I ranch, and our horses are asked to work long days in rough terrain. Their comfort is very important to us. The natural fibers, pad thickness and contour are all pluses for this pad. We have used the SMx pads before and appreciate their durability.

Donica Sharpe

Good quality and a good fit are the most important. Price is always a consideration, so I shop around to get the best deal.

bette fredrickson

with an older horse it is very important to equalize weight of the saddle and protect her
spine. This pad does.

Jody Thompson-Jernigan

Hi, Most of all, I'm looking for comfort, fit and durability.....for all seasons.


I look at the thickness first, since many quality western pads tend to be too bulky for my horses back and saddle. Next I look at what's going to be touching his back, I consider the fabric with this in mind. "Will he sweat more or less?" Also wither relief. I will not buy anything that doesn't have a cut out withers or contour fit. Then comes color. I like most any pattern, or basic solid colors that wont attract dirt and dust.

Janet Leatherwood

Using the same saddle on several different horses, means I need a quality pad to help with fit and comfort. I look for quality materials on the inside and out. I generally like all the colors used in these pads.

kay chubirka

comfort and protection for my horse comes first. I want her happy and safe. what ever it takes to make her happy and comfortable is a must. If it looks good that is awesome!

Becky Hunt

Fit and comfort for the horse is my first concern and a good look is a bonus.

Eileen Meier

I look for a pad that will protect my mare's back. If the pad has something to pad the withers, I like that as she has sensitive withers. So first of all I look at the build of the pad and its design to comfort the horse. Then the second thing I look at is price. I am a struggling post-college grad who is still living on a very tight budget. I need a good pad that is at a good price. Then if I can find those two things in the same pad, I will take color into consideration. I like navy blue equipment for my mare and if I can find that color in the chosen pad, awesome!


When looking to buy a saddle pad I pick one that fits my horse's shape/size, will improve the comfort of the saddle, that is easy to clean and affordable.


I'm looking for a pad that would relieve pressure on my horses back and not too bulky or heavy.

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