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Carolyn Witt

I like a fleece backing, fairly thick padding, nice design, and affordable. The southwestern design on the pad shown is great to look at and the colors are vibrant.

wesley young

first and foremost comfort for my animal,he is more important than the ride,also the quality of the product being purchased as well as the reputation of the company manufacturing or endorsing it .thanks


i look at quality and fit and off course a great color as well :-)

Emma Woolley

First I look at the fit, versatility, and quality of the product. If the product is able to be used with all of the horses that I rode while still fitting the horse correctly I think it is a good product. Then I look at the color/pattern of the product and how much it costs.

Nicole williams

I will chose a pad that will fit my horse with out sliding and is breathable. I also like an attractive pad that will last for many rides and is easy to clean. I currently ride with a SMX pad and love how it works for me and my horse as well as how it looks. Thanks for creating such a great saddle pad!


I look for thickness, color and design.

Karen McMullen

I want my mare comfortable! When she is happy, I am happy as we motor on down the trail! Fit and durability are important, too, and when this is in a good-looking colorful got it all!


I look for a pad with with wither relief. Preferably wool for wicking and to conform to the horse's back.I try to have a different pad for each horse so quality and price is paramount .


My horse is a older horse with high withers. I am looking for a saddle pad that fits him well and also my saddle. Comfort and looks are important also. Thank you


Breathable materials and good fit for my mutton-withered foxtrotting gal are a must. And built to last. A pretty design is just the icing on the cake!

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