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Jan Vance

My mustang gelding gets so bored that I have given him a rope to play with. He will grab it in his mouth and swing it round and round. If I don't do this then he sticks his head under the fence at his neighbor and bites and drive him crazy. Along with the rest of us. I've had my eyes on the neigh station for awhile

Kathy Fulwiler

I would put it in his stall.

Kim Bell

When my horse gets bored he usually comes to the fence and calls us out to play. His favorite game is "herding chickens". He is very careful and deliberate at it.

Suzanne Garrison

My two geldings are separated for feedings and overnight, but have a common railed fence panel between them. They will play bite-face, orrrr pull on each others blankets, thus causing rips and/or tears to the blankets. I too have put up milk jugs, jolly balls, etc, but those only entertain for a short while. I bought a Pasture Grazer from Valley Vet that is like a large Kong for horses. Insert treats and they roll it around to get them out. This has been the best solution, but I add a little hay in the toy to slow the pellets from dispensing too rapidly.

Karen Herman

My mare / Labrador retriever gets bored easily and is an expert at opening doors or getting stuck in fences trying to get to food. One day I couldn't find her when I went to feed and thought she had somehow managed to escape. When I opened the narrow (2 ft wide) door to the hay storage area which, at the time, was only, maybe, 4 feet wide and 10 feet long, there she was! She had wedged herself in and the door had blown shut. Who knows how long she had been there. She couldn't move or turn around because of the hay in front, door in back, and tack trunk taking up one side. Fortunately, she doesn't panic and waited until I rescued her. She needs something to keep her occupied...

Janet Kvilhaug

My 7 year old TWH recently had a tear in a hind leg ligament so is not able to run in the large pasture. He is improving but gets agitated when no one is out for him to see. The radio helps calm him but just following Mom around also relaxes him. The neigh station would really give him companionship when I am not home to baby him! He is gradually improving but it has been a long haul.

Melissa Drake

My 3 yr old is a terrible windsucker, so when he gets bored he starts to crib/suck. It is a challenge to keep him occupied, I am always coming up with new "toys", it is amazing what i have invented with a coffee can, duct tape, and hay string!

My old man has an equally destructive habit, when he gets bored he puts his front hooves on the bottom rail of the turnout panels and bounces up and down until he breaks the welds loose, then moves on to the next panel. I have so many bent panels it is amazing nobody has ever been injured!

I have considered buying a neigh station for both of them...would love to get one for free!!!!!! Thanks

C Gale

My mare is a wood chewer when she's bored -- anything within reach is fair game. I tried putting hot sauce on the wood to deter her, but I think she liked that even more! I'd love to find something to keep her occupied and happy -- milk jugs and jolly balls just haven't worked. She likes to kick the walls too :(

Michael Barnett

When my TWH starts get bored or decide's to cause mischef he starts jumping & playing in his stall. Sometimes he rares up & he sometimes hits his head he gets so high up. When he starts doing that I will get him out of his stall & groom him & lunge him for about 10 or 15 minute's. If its not to hot during the day sometime we will take a short ride. I recently tied a ball up in his stall so he would have something to play with. We also have a standard bred stallion & he does the same thing. I had taken empty milk jugs & put a hand full of gravels in them & tied in there stall so that they could play with them & they rattled. So they got played with so much till both horses tore them down. The jolly ball's have lasted a little longer than the jug's have so far. It also keeps them from chewing on their walls & doors. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with all your readers.

Val TwoWolves

Both of our horses would LOVE a Neigh Station! They're turned out together most of the day, but due to continuing "discussions" about who gets to be the boss hoss, they're separated for feeding and overnight. They fuss w/ each other over the divider/fence. Bored--would love to win a Neigh Station!

Elizabeth Olson

One paws and makes faces and entertaining--but hard-to-describe--giant fake chewing motions. While the other (a giant warmblood)herds his pony friend all over the pasture, in dressage patterns of his own devising. (Think he'd make a good cattle horse!) :)

Robin Schunk

My daughters horse kicks the stall door or rakes his teeth up and down the wall.He also hangs his tongue out which looks silly. The worst of it is that we were at a show, he was bored in his stall, so he had his head out with his tongue hanging. A roving reporter snapped a photo and it made the newspaper. How embarrassing!

Lynnae Schloneger

My one little mare gets bored and she runs and bucks when she is bored. My other mare has bad hooves so she is grumpy and can't give the younger mare the attention she craves. I try and help alleviate some of her boredom with equine activity ball and I spend a lot of time grooming her just to give her something to do. A NeighStation would be such a wonderful thing for poor Missy and it would help keep her out of trouble!


When our pony is bored, she likes to peek over at the horse in the next stall and whinnie until he looks at her and then she turns around quick like it wasn't her..It's quite a game that she'll do over and over until the other horse gets bored. We weren't sure what she was doing until we sat and watched her for a while and she's just playing a little game. :)

Susan Lehr

My 27-year-old quarter horse, Trevor, spends all his waking hours trying to convince everyone that he's really a stand-up comedian trapped in a horse's body. Anything that is not secured is fair game. He does the usual opening and closing of stall doors but his go-to comic prop of choice is the muck tub(s). He'll move them from the barn aisle to the paddock, stack them, and (my favorite), dump them when they're almost full. Thought a small-hole hay feeder would help but he flips that over the fence. His stall opens into his paddock so he's not even confined to a stall. In fact, he might only use a Neigh Station if it includes a large sign "DO NOT TOUCH!".


My horses fight through the fence when they are bored. I either take them out for a long ride, or toss a rock at them, depending on how much time I have!

Lindsey Evers

I have never had a horse that could open ANY kind of door before, and I mean ANY. My horse has had several stall doors with sliding locks and some that swing in and some that swing out. When he gets bored, Ricky, will try to find any way to escape. He has been very successful several times causing others in my barn to accuse me of not latching his door. I have purchased multiple balls for his stalls and he has managed to smash and destroy them all. It is so difficult to keep this busy minded horse entertained maybe a neigh station will help!

Mandy Deines

Oh man! Where to start! My quarter horse yearling Maya gets SO bored. I have tied rags up around the pen so she can "fetch" them. As well as we play tag when I am there. It is sad though when I am not around she has nothing to do, which in return she has figured out that if she "sucks" and plays with the chain long enough she can just let herself out to find something else to do. She thinks she can fetch everything like a dog! When I returned she had pots, flowers, garden hose, and all of her brushes piled up where she brings me the rags. She never left the yard just enough to bring all those things to me! She would LOVE a NeighStation just to keep her occupied while I am in class!

Angel Foxworthy

My Arabian would love a NeighStation! When he gets bored he provokes his stall neighbor into paying attention to him by craning his neck around the stall partition and flapping his lips in his neighbor's face. If this doesn't get him the attention he craves, then he bangs against the stall wall between them until his neighbor loses patience and returns the knocking. It drives everyone in the barn crazy!

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