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Currently I brush and brush and brush to remove their winter coats! I'd love to hand one on either the barn wall or a post and see how they enjoy it.

jamie hotzler

I would wrap it on the center post of the barn (which is a support pole) coz my kids have rubbed it smooth.

Jan Vance

I have 4 horses and a donkey. My donkey doesn't shed out till late August. Even though I use a curry on him he's always rubbing on Sahuaro's etc. to help get the hair off himself. I would hang the equine scratcher on the fense in their turnout to help.

Dixie J. Garman

A fly sheet that works. Keep the bugs away and is safe. Not going to easily catch on something and cause a wreck. Light weight and like I said , it works.


I put it on a post in their turn out

Emma Gibson

I help my horse shed her winter coat with a shedding blade. It's a lot of work!

Leona Knaggs

My horse finds the tree with the most pitch and then I have to work to get pitch off him. I would place it on the big polls that are in the shed of the barn where they like to stand when it's hot. Thank you Leona

Kathy Maxwell

I would put it on a pot in the stall. I have been thinking of ordering one of these to try it so winning it would be awesome.

Marcia Siers

I currently brush, brush, brush, brush, brush and brush more! I would hang the Equine Scratcher on the corner of the barn where they are already scratching!

Ann O'Bannon

Curry combing over and over is how I currently help my horses shed their winter coats. An Equine Scratcher would go nicely on a large, strong post where my giant equines could not only rub their hind ends but get their chest/neck areas wrapped around for good scratching.

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