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Shawna Hamilton

I would place the Equine Scratcher on a post in my goat pen! I only have a couple of horses and so it is easy for me to shed them out, but I have 59 head of goats that would love this!

Heather Sanders

I use a furminator to help my horses shed out.

Gwen Semmens

I would place the scratcher on a post. Currently, I have been using a Furminator to shedd my horses.


I would put the scratcher on the middle main post in my run in stall barn.
I currently use a home made "sleek ez" like grooming blade.


I would put one in my pasture! Here in the desert we don't have any natural trees etc suitable for itching

Jodi Widhalm

I would use this on a post in the barn, where the horses, ponies, and goats can all get to it easily ;)
Currently, I help my furry friends to shed by lots and lots of brushing. I agree that this is considered bonding time, and we all enjoy it, but I know they'd love to have something to take my place while I'm at work.


I would wrap it on a post in the pasture so that it would be available for all the horses. I love to get the winter coat all shed out - the slick summer coats are stunning!

Bethany Hackley

Being my horses just love their rub downs, I would hang it in the pasture so all the horses and farm animals would be able to scratch and rub all over it. It would sure make things easier for the winter coat shedding and overall rub downs and possibly less hair in my mouth. :)

Lanora Doud

On a dead tree stump in the paddock.

Ellen Harris

I would place the scratcher on the tree my old man horses uses to scratch himself already. He sometimes gets marked up from the bark so I would wrap it around the trunk. I always help him shed out his winter hair because his summer coat is beautiful. I leave the hair "waffles" from the curry comb in the yard because the birds all love to use it to line their nests :)


I would hang the Equine Scratcher on a post in the pasture! Currently, I am currying my arm off every spring, and eating LARGE amounts of horse hair in the process ;).

Matthew Covey

In his stall or on a post
Wherever it will be use most
This is where it will hang.
Like a flame to a match
Here he will scratch
I will be saying, Hot Dang!

Linda Garmany

I would put the scratcher on a post for all my babies to enjoy. I currently use a curry comb to help with the winter coat shedding. UGH what a dredded chore.

Liuda Galinaitis

I would attach it to the post that supports my new overhand on my barn that will keep my 2 OTTBs cool this summer. Hopefully the barn kitties will use it as well!


I would use it on a corner post in my pasture to help save the gate that the geldings are using as a scratching pad.

Sandee Force

I would attach it to the main post on the door of the barn, that way all could scratch on their way in and out each day.

Jess Bowers

If I won the scratcher, I'd hang it on one of the run-in sheds at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center. We have two Gypsy Vanners who we just received as donations, and they love to rub their shoulders on the sheds--this would actually make it worth their while!


I'd place it at a gate between two pastures that we have and the horses love to scratch there - well near there - so it would be perfect.

Donna Petro

I have a large round post that I tie to while grooming. It would definitely be mounted on this post since they use it as a rub now. Currently using a shedding blade and a lot of elbow grease!

Nancy Carroll

I would put the scratcher on the corner of the shed, where my hairy little mini can get to it the best!

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