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Katja Tootle-Pizka

I'd would love for the deserving elderly horses at "The GoldenCarrot" 501c3 Charity to have one of those, we currently brush our seniors out and this would certainly help them. If I win I would donate the item to the charity.

Lora Phillips

I would hang this on the outside corner of my shed. I think one of my mares walks around the hedge trees by the scratches on her sides. Maybe she'd quit! I use a shedding blade to get the worst of their winter fuzz off. They manage to do the rest by rolling (and leaving a second horse on the ground). LOL

Sarah Micola

I would hang this in my girls stall. She loves a good scratch after her rides.

Chris Schmidt

I would hang the Equine Scratcher on the big post that supports the center of my loafing shed. Cherokee would love it! Right now his mane is scraggly because he uses ANYTHING to scratch with and pulls out the hair.

Marsha Wolter

My horses currently use the door frame of the run-in area of their barn to rub their itchy necks, shoulders, rumps, etc. The Equine Scratcher would go there to make this pastime a little more effective and enjoyable.

Julie Bailey

I would place it around a post we have that is out in the middle of nowhere! (No fences there). My 2 broodmares are always rubbing on the fences. I think my foals would also love it as they shed their baby fuzz!

Cassie R. E.

My horses would love something like this! We live on the plains and it is dry, hot, and dusty, with no trees or rubs available. We have railroad ties, buried, that we could attach it to, and I know they'd spend a lot of time there. It would help tremendously, as we currently brush them all out by hand, to help rid them of the itchy winter coat, and they could scratch when they wanted to.

Bonnie Kopplin

I would put it on a post or something out in the pasture so all the horses can use it. We have a draft cross that loves to scratch on anything she can find. She's knocked over a few posts and trees! lol she'd love to have a scratcher like this! I bet she wouldn't want to share it though! :)


I would hang the Equine Scratcher in their pasture, close to the barn and by their water. It'd be nice for them not to use anything and everything to scratch on.

My horse Joe is a beautiful spotted saddle horse who was called " Mange" when I got him I have had him for 2 years now and have kept his skin issues under control until this year He has lost his whole mane and has rub marks all over his chest and and belly. He was rubbing on low limbs and fence posts we have been treating him for different things until my vet finally determined he has an allergy to the no see ums and possibly flies also so now Joe has to stay in his stall all day with a fan on him and fly spray 2 x's a day. So I would put the Equine scratcher in his stall so he can scratch safely and maybe he wont be so upset that the rest of the herd is out in the pasture.

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