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Char Cook

I would put the item in my horse's stall. She is blind in one eye and going blind in the other. She would love to have a scratcher in her stall. She uses it all winter and summer. I have a little one in there now, and it is about gone. It is especially useful in the late spring months. Cherokee is prone to itching and I don't have to worry about her hurting herself on the fences.

Bonnie Strickland

I would have to hang it on the side of the chicken pen. The horses are breaking the chain link pen by scratching & rubbing all along it. Even curry combs & shedding blades aren't taking care of the itchiness of loosing they're winter coats

Virginia Studley

I have a horse that is allergic to bug bites, so he itches him self like crazy on all the posts in his stall/run. I would hang it on his favorite post which I currently have brushes screwed onto so that he has something safer than the wood to scratch himself on. I brush him a lot and he also wears his fly sheets and garb all summer.

Kristina Roy

My 30 year old OTTB would love to have a place to itch and scratch.I would put one in his stall so he can go to town all day long.

kathy w

I will be donating to a horse rescue.

Mary Wodecki

I would attach it to a post out in the pasture. My horses love to rub off that winter hair as well as get to that itch any time of the year. Currently winter hair removal is daily currying and brushing. Spoiled!

Deborah Sexton

My horse is just now really starting to lose her winter coat and I can see where she's scratching outside which is everywhere trying to get it off and if I had an equine scratcher it was be posted where she hangs out the most, in the barn across from her feeder, she'd love it.

Shelley Smith

We would put it a post for our three quarter horses and our miniature. They all love to scratch.

Gary Kaufman

We currently have several extremely large cedar trees in our pastures. The scratchers would replace the wrap around fencing we need to use to keep the livestock from stripping the bark. This keeps the trees alive which is GREAT summer shade and light winter rain protection, AND will give them someplace to rub safely.

Gabrielle Bradway

I would hang this in my horse's stall for scratching enjoyment. I don't currently help him shed since he never grows a winter coat. He is a weird one! LOL. My 5 year old dun would go crazy for this! He's the mad scratcher and always knicks his coat up.

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