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Linda Gentile

We are Military and live in a rental home. When we retire in 4 more years, fingers crossed, I'll put it in the barn at the house we will own!

I would put the scrather on a pole. However, I am not going to use it for my horse - we have goats and are shredding.
Think they will love it.

Just learning about horses and thier coats sheading and changing color ! My paint just lost all his red color and long white hair. He looks very different. We have been brushing him with several brushes and a metal wire stripper rake. every time it looks like we sheared a sheep !

Bill in Western New York

I would place a scratcher on each side of the door way going into our small barn. That is where our horses seem to want to rub their sides. Maybe I would like it to for a back scratcher.

Carol Pizor

I would put the scratcher on the fence in the turnout where my horse goes out.He would love it. I currently use a rubber curry and brush to help him shed out. I have also used a shedding block in the past.

Suse R. Riddle

We lost a tree in the sacrifice area, and it already makes a perfect scratch post. We had tried to protect the tree with poly garden fencing, but we lost the tree anyway, and the horses showed us that they loved to scratch on the garden fencing. The fencing deteriorated in only a few weeks, so the Equine Scratcher will be the perfect replacement. The biting bugs are back, so a place to scratch makes their horse life so much better.

Barbara Herrera

I would put the scratcher around a huge corner post that is not part of a fence anymore in my horse pasture. I have one mare that literally pushes things over while scratching her body and this scratcher would save my place.


I would hang the equine scratcher on a post in the turn out paddock for all to enjoy. We use a rotation system so our horses don't go out in the same paddock 2 days in a row. For shedding I use a small blade attached to a piece of wood for ease of handling. I haven't found anything that works as well.

Linda Luad

If I won the scratcher, I would hang it on a post outside my computer window so I could watch them enjoy it while surfing the web. I have two horses with EMS, that take forever to shed their their coats, and I am sure this would help them a bunch :)

Patty Tyler

I would put the scratcher on a post in the horses' favorite loafing area.

Lori Snelson

I'd mount it on a dead tree stump in the turnout pen so all could enjoy a great scratch!

Helen Boyle

Currently the pony scratches his rear on the doorway post of their run in. I believe the Equine Scratcher will become an instant favorite for him, and the rest of the herd, and it will save my building from getting rubbed away!

Donna Obringer

I would but the scratcher on a post in the pasture. The horses are always looking for something to rub on. They would love It!


Would attach to post in our run-in shed.


I would put the equine scratcher in my boy's stall. Poor fella gets summer itch every year & even with the medicine we give him, he still gets a little itchy. He needs a safe place to rub!

Jones Family

We have done alot of brushing and wash and scrub when the weather cooperates.

Patsy Sigloh

To get our horses slicked out from their winter coat we do alot of brushing but the "shedding blade" works wonders. I also have 4 Corgi's that the blade is used on. Great invention. Also, after a bath we use a "grooming blower" that dries and blows off the dead hair.

Patsy Sigloh

I would put it in the arena. We put groups of horses out there to exercise during the rainy months. First they play for awhile then they must get bored so they start chewing on the wood. I need something to stop that destruction.. I would like to see if this toy is the answer.


I wld try this out on my babies Oak tree they use, apparently my method of brushing isn't enough ;-)


I have 6 horses and they would love this scratcher. I am 71 years old and brushing the winter hair is quite a chore. I would hang it in the paddock and rotate the horses to use it. What a relief it would be for both me and the horses.

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