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Chris Elefson

I look for something light weight yet durable to last more than one season and UV protection is a must.

Joyce Davidson


Hannah Eckman

Fit, Durability, Strength, Coverage, Protection, IF it works...

Dixie J. Garman

Fit, style, durability, and common sense usage.

Sydney Taylor

Light weight but with durability and uv protection.

Robin Schunk

I look for a sheet that is made from decent material, that fits well, and is not priced out of sight.

nina amelung

I've never had to look for a flysheet. But now that I have an all white horse who is a little more sensitive to the bugs/sun, I'm looking.
What I look for is UV protection, light weight and durability and of course price.

Tara Bell

The first thing I look for is the material. Is it going to be comfortable for my guy, is it gonna rub his fur out, is it lightweight and will it be comfortable for him when it gets hot out? Is it breathable? Does it do a good job protecting him from the flys, bugs and Mosquitos? Then I look at the durability, is it going to last more then one season? Then I look at price. The last thing I look at is color.

zale livengood

durability and price. I want to be able to turn my horses out and not have to worry about them.

Chrissy Nelson

I want a sheet to be comfortable for the horse. When we put this on a horse it is usually for a long time and the comfort bandings don't last or the buckles are on the inside and rub. I want the sheet to light weight, durable and if they had a connecting hood of some kind that would be great.

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