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Kimberly Boyda

A quality product has many benefits. This fly sheet has UV protection, durable material to last more than one season, light weight with breathabilility, and confirms to the horses shape. It's also light colored which helps when out in the sun for long periods.

Scott Maguire

Lightweight and uv protection are key factors.

Loraine Milosevic

Uv protection and durability are most important.

Leah Peterson

UV protection quality (durability) & price

kathy w

Durability & price


I've never purchased one before and my horse would love to give it a try.


I look for durability, great pricing, and uv protection. It also needs to last to make it worth the money!

Lisa Koenen

I would like a fly sheet that is extremely durable...lasting 2 or three seasons at least. I also need one that will keep the sun's rays from fading her coat since she spends her days outside most of the time.

Kelly Henrichsen

Durability, coverage and pricing are equal concerns for me when purchasing a fly sheet.

Sara Prochaska

durable enough to not snag, good buckles, breathable to let air flow thru. Would love it I could get more than 1 year! Price reasonable

Jessica - VT

Look for Price and Quality in any product.

Michelle Alawine

Light weight & durable

Jahnel Warner

I like if it has shoulder gussets and uv protection for my cremello qaurter horse. Soft and breathable.


Has to be durable & look promising to last more than one season. My mare is tough on her blankets so if a fly sheet wasn't tough it definitely wouldn't last long. Price should also be reasonable. I don't believe fly sheets should cost as much as a winter blanket. I'd rather make my own! ;)


First it has to be light weight. I don't want something that is going to cause the horse to sweat at all on hot days. Then I look at price and durability since I have a roller.

Leslie Monroe

Whenever shopping for my pampered equine friend Comet I always do my research to select a product that is made of good materials or ingredients. (I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for") With regard to a fly sheet, it is paramount that it has great uv protection & that it is durable to last more than one season. PLS pick me!! I've always been impressed with the "Professional Choice" brand & would proudly have Comet wear it to have the protection from the sun exposure & bugs.

Thank you,


Tammy Chrisman

because of the temps here in Texas I look for something that will be breathable and if the price is good and the fit for gelding


The second most important thing I look for in a fly sheet; first is keeping pesky flys at bay, would be the UV protection. I have a very white light skinned Drum and want to protect him from cancerous UV rays.


Good material but light weight and not too expensive

Vanessa Jones

Weight and durability!

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