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Amanda Hvassman

Versatility and durability is what I look for in a product.

Darcy Alm

Light weight/cool, durability and price

Farel Salario

price and UV protection..

B Smith

Durability and light weight.UV protection, and breathable.

S Eldridge

UV-protection, and durability are a must.
breathable and light weight for the heat.

Melanie Baker

I look for a fly sheet that is well-made so that it will last, fits nicely and is comfortable for my horse.

Donna Corfield

I look for durability, size and structure. Lightweight and breathable with enough room to move in. Hardware needs to be in the right place so not to rub and easy to maneuver.


I look for UV-protection as I have paint horses with lots of white, which means sunburns are a big issue. I, also, look at the material due to reaching three digit temperatures from June to August. Durability is also something I have to look for as my horses are out during the day in the pasture. The price does come into consideration but only if it doesn't affect the other three above.

Alice Singleton

I have not used a fly sheet in previous years. However, I believe it is time to try it. One of my geldings has had surgery and has to be confined to the stall except for daily walking therapy sessions. It seems to me a fly sheet would be helpful in the confinement time.

I believe I would want to use the professional choice brand since we have always found their products to be worth the price difference in functionality and durability. Less expensive is not always cost less in the long run.

Barbara Briggs Fox

If my horse is going to be in his stall where no one can play tug of war with his sheet, I look at price first, but if he's going to go out in the pasture I look at fit and durability especially if he's going out with buddies. I want a fit that he can roll and run in without having rubs or the fly sheet getting twisted. I also really like the belly bands because my horses get attacked under their stomachs

Michelle Eubanks

I like light weight ones so that they dont get too hot in them since we get well into the triple digits here in CA.

dee moraes

I need a durable fly sheet since my gelding is outdoors most of the time and he is a rambunctious youngster. He is a dark horse and it gets very hot where I live, so a strong material that is also lightweight so that he does not get sweaty underneath would be fantastic.

andrea lizenbee

I have a dark horse. So the flies break him out.
I would like to have a nice sheet like that to protect my partner
and to prevent sun bleaching. I think that is a nice durable product with the right kind of buckles that won't break.
Valleyvet is the service for your horse.

Roger Appleby

Durability and light weight; of course, a fabric that will not chafe or cause the horse to sweat. Affordability is important too.


Lightweight and Durability are key! And of course fit and affordability!

Jennifer K.

I any blanket I look for durable construction, made of strong, unique fabric which resists stains, wrinkles or is easy to clean, a perfect fit is a must, with style and hardware which keeps the blanket securely in place, plus protection against rub out.
These are the things I look for in any blanket because "have horse? Durable sheet is a must!"

Patricia Warner

Great protection and material strength.


That it is durable and will last more than a season

Nancy Tannenbaum

I am looking for one with a good UV protection ,light-weight and is cool on the horse. I live in Goodyear, AZ, which is quite hot in the summertime. It would be nice to have one that will last more than one season.

Marcia Blackburn

Well made but allows the horse to move freely. A fly sheet that covers the hip and shoulder area of the horse.

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