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Due to high temps I need something that is breathable and light colored to reflect heat but will stand up to my mare's abuse.

Jeanne Hugo

strong enough to last, good fit so no rubbing, UV to protect against sun

gloria Miller

I have never had one so I guess fix and durablity is very important, oh yes and price helps.

Sarah LAne

I look for value, fit and durability in a fly sheet. Of course I look for sales and promotions too.

Amanda Wood

Looking for a lightweight and durable fly sheet. Our 6 year old Paint gelding really seems to attract the flies. Drives him nuts. I think he would love this!

Thomas Erickson

Durability and lightweight. Something that will stay on all day. My horses take a dirt bath now and then. Also UV protection from the hot sun helps.


Durability & material that won't rub.


I'm looking for a sheet that will hold up to everything the horses will put it through.

misti baker

I have a beautiful chestnut rescue horse that has the thinnest skin i have ever seen. My mustang gets mouthy and the flies LOVE the way she tastes. I go through flysheets quickly so I need strong but also light so her sensitive skin doesn't become just another bother. It's very dry where we live and windy too. All of these things make her need for a fly sheet even more necessary.

Tami Berg

What do you look for in a fly sheet when purchasing? Material used, price, UV-protection, will it last more than a single season, etc.

I have never used a fly sheet, but have been wanting to try one. I think comfort and durability are important.

Joani Bailey

I need a flysheet that my mule won't rip off his pasture mate.
So far I have had good luck with
Professional Choice products.

Kim Johnson

I look for quality of product, material, durablility and price.

Patti Karcher

I always look for durability, whether it will last more than 1 season. Also the fabric must breathe so that my horse does not get hot and sweaty. I love the sun proctection aspect as well. I make sure it is also light to handle and easy to put on.

Chantelle Arnold

We like sheets that are a good fit, reasonably priced and light weight enough to do the job but not overheat the horse.

Teresa Chesser

Light weight,uv protection,durability and a fit that allows freedom of movement with no rubbing.

monique james

would love a fly sheet for my horses. they tend to tear so easy if they should roll, or wear too long. it's an expensive solution to keep them comfy.


Being in C. FL, UV protection is a must have when looking for a fly sheet.

Autumn Smrcina

I have a Hanoverian/TB cross....the TB part leaves him with the thinnest-skinned horse I have ever owned (go figure). He goes out with a herd of very mouthy horses. It would be awesome to have a fly sheet that would hold up and not make him sticky and sweaty!!

Karen Brungardt

Gotta large Qh who has seasonal allergies that are getting worse as he gets older. Always in need of bug protection. He is also the most mouthy horse I own, would be great not to have to buy a sheet every summer!

Jerry Plummer

My 1/2 Arab has an allergy to bug bites so would love to have one of these. I'd say the second most important thing (after doing the job) is that it lasts longer than a week!

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