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Matt Walsworth

Valley vet is my fave mail order for my animals because of their great prices & selection. They r always available to help too.


Selection like I need and super fast shipping along with great prices. No other option compares to ValleyVet !!

Mary Jane  Turnley

What's not to love? Dependable quality , fast service and reasonable pricing with a full farm and home supply catalog at Valley Vet Supply.

Leslie Miller

i love being able to order everything I need from the same site and not have to waste the fuel driving from store to store. They have excellent service and are super fast with shipments!!!

Rhonda Boyd

Comfort....pure comfort!

Joseph Stevens

I love your prices and the speed in shipping, it saves me lots of time and fuel to order from ya'll instead of drive 30 miles into town, thanks for everything y'all do.


I love that I can shop for everything I need in one stop.

Carrie Bredemeier

Love everything about Valley Vet...customer service, the products they offer, reasonable pricing and quick shipping. Meets all of our needs as sheep, horse, dog & cat owners.

Lanora Doud

I shop at Valley Vet because I love the competitive prices, huge selection and fast shipping.

Gail Santana

Valley Vet Supply carries items I am unable to find locally...with fair prices!! I need new boots too:)

Dixie Jackson

I love their prices, variety of items, and quick shipping. Customer service is great when u can't find an item, too. They have taken good care of me for years!

Cathie Taylor

I love Valley Vet as we live in the Country and the Tack stores here really don't have much selection. If I have any questions, your customer service people answer them and are so knowlegeable. Also, the shipping is very prompt.


I LOVE all the helpful information on the valley vet site. Without Valley Vet Id never know which wormer to use when!

Terri Settle

Delivery time is amazing and the customer service reps are very knowledgeable. I have never ordered anything that is out of stock and it usually arrives a day before I was really expecting it.

Farel Broussard

great prices!

Rhe'Anna Francis

I like valley vet supply because of the speed with which items get delivered, and delivered safely. I love the prices, and the variety you can have without ever leaving home!

Jessica Lee

The prices and huge selection!!! Love VVS!!


Love the selection, price, and quality. Not to mention the super fast shipping! Who doesn't love that!

Ann Schooler

3 reasons to use Valley Vet!

Robert Lambrecht

It's great having a website where everything is available without making a trip to town. Prices are usually lower at Valley Vet too, and with the quick shipping and easy payment options, it just makes sense to shop from the ranch.

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