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Karen J. Adams

Professional Choice. They stay in place and fit well under saddle. Always willing to try a new product to help my horses feel comfortable.


I like a saddle pad that stays in place. New at riding so have not tried a lot of saddle pads.

Jody Gardner

Professionals Choice makes the best saddle pads. We have an orthopedic one we use on a 25 yr. old barrel mare and it works wonders on her.

MaryJane Callahan

I have always used Classic Equine, they just seemed to work the best on my horses.


Professional's Choice makes the best equine ANYTHING. Love their saddle pads - long lasting and very high quality.

Sharon VanWoert

I love anything from Professional's Choice. I know they are a good, quality product that will last. They are my first choice. Keep up the great work!



Carrie Bredemeier

I don't have a favorite...I look for a pad that has good padding, fits comfortable under saddle and of course reasonably prices.


Professional Choice because all their stuff is great quality and seriously lasts a lifetime! :)

Tina Taylor

I love the professional choice pads.They work really well for trail riding all day.

Nancy Keen

I've had the CSI pad for more than five years. It's especially good for my use in Florida because it is very light weight, has excellent wicking properties and is vented along the topline, which keeps the horse comfortable in humid Florida summers. In addition, the liner is removable so it can be cleaned just by hosing down. I have the older model which has the foam liner and so doesn't slip while riding.


5 Star pads but I always look for good pads to try

Cris Kostiuk

I just purchased a professional choice pad and use it in conjunction with a neoprene pad to decrease slippage and keep the prof choice pad cleaner. Works well and provides nice even weight distribution for my horse.

Debbie Smith

Impact Gel is the pad of choice for comfort for my horse. I have two and need another pad for my roping saddle.

Alisha L Frigon

I like Professional Choice air ride pads bc it makes for an comfortable ride for me and my horse:-)

Jennifer Cahoon

Professionals choice pads are always top of the line!!

Joey Bullock

Everything I have bought from Professional Choice has
Been top quality.

Tammy Turner

We have used Professional's Choice products very successfully. My son rides and trains a variety of horses and the Professional's Choice pad is his favorite. Would love to win a new one!


I have used Professional's Choice SMX Air Ride pads for more than 10 years and I bought my last one from Valley Vet which has good prices and a large selection.


I have a friend who makes custom fit orthopedic saddle pads to accommodate each individual horse working at its specific discipline. I usually order from him and then put a lighter pad over his to add the color and classy look I am trying to achieve.

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